Are You Taking Advantage of These Commercial Window Tinting Benefits?

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Commercial window tinting is a very affordable alternative to replacing windows and glass doors that no longer look attractive or are inefficient and drafty. Window tinting can significantly reduce energy costs and provides an excellent return on investment (ROI).

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), as much as 35% of energy loss in buildings occurs through windows. The DOE considers window film to be a top-tier technology for energy conservation. Window tinting provides a fast payback on your investment, and the energy savings are immediate. The typical building owner can expect to save approximately $1-2 per square foot of film installed, or as much as $19 kWh per square foot of glass tinted, according to the DOE.

Applications for commercial window tinting include government buildings, schools, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and retail outlets, among others. Commercial window film is also available in a wide selection of styles, colors, textures, and built-in technologies with specific purposes in mind. Commercial window tinting benefits include:

Sun Control

Commercial buildings often have a lot of windows. When these windows aren’t efficient, buildings will have hot spots during the warmer months and cold spots in the winter. In the summer, window film reflects the sun’s heat to keep buildings cooler and building occupants more comfortable. Alternatively, it also contributes to interior comfort in the winter by serving as a layer of insulation, holding heat inside. Sun also causes annoying glare and can fade interior furnishings. Sun control window film blocks out a large percentage of the sun’s UV rays that typically filter in through windows. As the film reduces glare and damage caused by the sun’s harmful rays, it still lets in plenty of natural light.

Safety & Security

Window film adds a protective layer to your windows and glass doors that reinforces their strength, making them more difficult to break. This deters crime and vandalism. It also protects your building and occupants from shattered glass in the event of explosions or natural disasters like tornadoes, violent storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes. 

Privacy & Decorative

Commercial window tinting can also add privacy to exterior and interior glass surfaces in buildings. It can be used in conference rooms with glass doors and windows or cubicles with glass partitions to enhance privacy. You can even customize the level of privacy you require. For example, you can apply it at eye level only or choose an open pattern that only partially blocks the view while adding visual interest to the space.  It can even be used to add logos, branding, messaging, and signage to any glass surface in a commercial space.

Commercial window tinting is also highly effective when used on exterior windows, making it harder for those on the outside of a building to see in. There are many commercial window tinting products designed with specific privacy applications in mind. For example, 3M Night Vision window film lets you see outside of the building at night from the inside but makes it hard for those on the outside to see inside during the day. 

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5 Benefits of Investing in Residential Window Tinting

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When you think about residential window tinting benefits, images of bathroom windows and shower doors in frosted and decorative patterns may come to mind. While it’s true that window tinting comes in an extensive variety of styles and patterns to complement every home exterior or décor, window film provides many useful functions. Wondering if it’s worth the investment? Here are five residential window tinting benefits that deliver immense value:

1 – Temperature Control

Residential window tinting works to improve the comfort level in homes by regulating the temperature inside. It lets in plenty of natural light while reflecting a significant amount of the sun’s heat. When it’s hot outside, window film helps keep the home cooler by reflecting infrared rays. This allows the cooling system to run less often, reducing energy costs by as much as 30%. During the winter, the extra layer of insulation that window tinting adds to windows helps to hold heat inside, also translating to energy savings. To keep everyone inside even more comfortable, window tinting also reduces cold and hot spots around glass windows, doors, and skylights.

2 – Glare Reduction

Window tinting can greatly reduce annoying glare inside your home, making it easier to see the view outside. With less glare, it’s also more pleasant to sit near or in front of windows when it’s sunny outside. Additionally, watching television, working on your computer, and viewing your smartphone screen near sunny windows is easier with window film.

3 – UV Protection

Window tinting blocks a significant percentage of the sun’s harmful UV rays. UV rays can damage human skin, and also fade and cause valuable home furnishings and belongings to deteriorate. By filtering out up to 99% of UV light, window film prevents sun damage to your family’s skin and your home’s interior.

4 – Privacy

Residential window tinting has many applications for improving privacy. Whether you want to block passersby from seeing inside your home or whether you want to create privacy within different areas of your home, window film provides an effective solution. For example, frosted film on glass surfaces such as interior doors can help to divide rooms. Similarly, applying decorative film to glass panel inlays in cabinet doors can obscure the items inside.

5 – Safety & Security

Window tinting adds extra layers of material to windows. These additional layers of protection make glass windows and doors harder to shatter and more difficult for criminals to gain entry. Because glass is held intact by the film, it also takes intruders more time to enter windows after they’re broken, which buys those inside valuable time to get out or call for help. If windows are broken by accident or during a bad storm, window tinting also helps to reduce or prevent injuries caused by spraying glass because it holds the broken glass in place.

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5 Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Home

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Increasing the value of your home doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many affordable changes you can make that can make a big difference, from whitewashing a room with a clean coat of paint to improving your home’s energy efficiency.

When trying to increase the value of your home, consider whether the project will be raising the home’s value just for you or for prospective buyers as well if you sell. Spending money on something you really want may not translate into an increase in value when you sell if your tastes don’t have universal appeal.

Below are five ways to update your home that are sure to increase its value, whether you live in your home for another fifteen years or decide to sell in the near future.

1) Curb Appeal

Of course, the first view of your house is from the street so make sure it is an appealing one. Keep your landscaping simple and well-maintained. While exotic plants may look nice, they require time and effort to keep up. Install a new mailbox and consider updating your garage door if you have one. Pay attention to your front door as well. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in making the exterior of your home look cared for.

 2) Keep it Simple in the Kitchen

Remember that you live in a house, not a restaurant. The kitchen should be geared toward everyday use and it should never be fancier than the rest of the house. If you plan on selling within the next five years, keep potential buyers in mind. Many people will not pay for a deluxe kitchen, so keep it simple. New cabinets and countertops with energy-efficient appliances should do nicely, and HGTV states that you can expect to recoup 60%-120% of your investment. If new cabinets don’t fit your budget, a fresh coat of white paint will update their appearance.

3) Improve Energy Efficiency

Sometimes increasing the value of your home can be as easy as adding to what you already have as opposed to replacing it. You can make your existing HVAC system work more efficiently by installing a smart thermostat and adding extra insulation to attics and crawlspaces. By preventing cold air from entering the house, you save on energy bills.

Another effective way of increasing your home’s energy efficiency is the addition of window film. Professionally installed 3M window film, for example, can help regulate interior temperatures. During the summer months, window film can decrease the amount of solar heat that enters the house by up to 60%. This allows your air conditioner to work more efficiently. In the winter, this same film acts as an insulator, keeping the warmth produced by your heating system contained in the house. Window film has many other benefits as well, from adding a decorative touch and improving privacy to deterring crime and protecting windows during seasonal storms. Additionally, installing window film costs a fraction of the price of replacing your windows with double- or triple-pane glass.

4) Freshen Up the Bathroom

Another great way to get a good return on your investment (up to 70%) is a mid-range bathroom remodel. Updating the toilet, vanity, lighting and exhaust fan is relatively inexpensive and simple to do. If you do go so far as to replace the tub, consider installing a walk-in model that will appeal to a larger range of potential buyers. Top it all off with a fresh coat of paint, and you’ve added significant value to your home!

 5) All Hands on Deck

Outdoor living has become a lifestyle staple in today’s world, so a deck can be a great way to expand the living space of your home while increasing value. Most homeowners want an outdoor area where they can entertain and relax, and adding a deck will greatly improve the appeal of your home. The cost can vary widely depending on the size and the materials used, but HGTV claims that homeowners recoup 65%-90% of their investment by adding a deck.  

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Decorative Privacy Window Film: 10 Applications for Homes & Commercial Spaces

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Decorative privacy window film not only has high-end finish options to complement any decor. It also provides many ways to enhance privacy in homes and other commercial spaces. Furthermore, applying window film to windows and other glass services costs a fraction of the price of other privacy solutions. Here are five uses for decorative film for the office and five you can try at home.

5 Uses for Decorative Privacy Window Film at Home

1 – Bathroom Windows – It’s great to let natural light filter into the bathroom, but how do you do that without sacrificing privacy? Decorative window film is the ideal solution because it lets you retain natural light, while adding privacy. At the same time, it can give this smallest room in the house an open, more spacious feel.

2 – Shower Doors – Frosted film on shower doors can provide privacy in the shower, while still allowing you to see out. Decorative window film also enhances the look of a plain shower door with frosted, etched, and texturized designs.

3 – Cabinet Doors – If you have cabinets with glass doors, you may not always want the cabinets’ contents on display. Decorative film can add color and beauty to your cabinet doors, while hiding what’s inside.

4 – Front Door – Adding decorative film to glass panes on entry doors is a great way to add style and beauty to your home’s facade, while keeping outsiders from looking in. 

5 – Sunrooms and Enclosed Patios – Sunrooms and enclosed patios are designed to let in plenty of light, while making you feel connected to nature. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you want everyone who is outdoors to see in. Window film with high exterior reflectivity but low interior reflectivity, retains privacy without blocking with your view.

5 Uses for Decorative Privacy Window Film in Commercial Spaces

1 – Meeting Rooms – Apply decorative privacy window film to the glass walls and windows of meeting rooms so that those inside don’t feel like they’re on display. Placing film strategically at eye level can help these rooms maintain their spacious feel, while making them more private.

2 – Glass Partitions – Protect the privacy of those on either side of glass partitions and make the spaces seem more divided by applying decorative window film. You can also add signage to these partitions with decorative film. 

3 – Cubicles – Cubicles with glass windows can make employees feel like they’re constantly being watched. Decorative window film can add some privacy to these workspaces, helping to improve worker comfort and satisfaction.

4 – Entrances – Adding decorative film to doors and windows at front entrances can enhance privacy for those inside, while still allowing in natural light. You can also add branding and messaging to your building’s entrance using decorative film.

5 – Windows – Decorative window film can keep onlookers from peeking into windows and improve the look of commercial building exteriors, without completely obstructing the view for those inside.

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Four Changes That Can Increase Employee Productivity

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Regardless of your industry, finding ways to increase employee productivity can be challenging, especially with so many distractions in the workplace. Sometimes relatively small changes in the work environment can make a big difference. Here are four improvements you can implement in offices and other workspaces for a boost in employee productivity.

1) Improve Comfort with Window Film

Commercial window film can make your workplace more comfortable, and employees accomplish more when provided with a comfortable, pleasant work environment. Window film adds comfort in several different ways:

  1. Regulating temperature by filtering out the sun’s hot UV rays, and reducing hot and cold spots near windows.
  2. Reducing annoying glare that can make it difficult for employees to see computer screens, monitors, and other electronic devices.
  3. Adding privacy to areas where employees need to concentrate or hold meetings.
  4. Enhancing the aesthetics of your office, making it a more inviting place for your employees to work.

As an added bonus, window film is not only an inexpensive way to improve your workspace. You might also see lower energy bills as well.

2) Increase Natural Light

Adding interior glass walls can optimize the flow of natural light through workspaces. Adding more exterior windows, enhanced with window film, is another great way to let more natural light in without raising temperatures. Daylight redirecting film helps sunlight reach further into a space by directing it toward the ceiling. This simultaneously reduces glare across computer screens, further improving employee comfort. Light, especially natural light, has been proven to boost productivity at work. In fact, a study published in Psychology Today compared workers in windowless offices to those in an office with natural light, concluding that exposure to sunlight affected not only performance, but also sleep quality and overall quality of life.

3) Replace Old Office Furniture

Providing office furniture designed with ergonomics in mind that you can adjust for different sizes of workers can positively impact employee comfort and productivity. Are your desks and chairs worn or no longer adjust properly? Maybe it’s a good time to consider shopping for new furniture.

4) Clean the Air

According to separate research studies by both Harvard and Syracuse universities, employees were more productive and called in sick less often when they breathed cleaner air. Therefore, installing new air ducts or air purifiers can be a good investment when looking for ways to increase employee productivity.

Carolina Solar Security is a premium 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer in Wilmington, NC. We have been providing North Carolina homeowners and business owners with window tinting solutions since 1985 and never stop working to bring our customers the best products paired with the most skilled window film technicians. Reach out to us for your free quote today!

How to Save on Energy Bills During the Warmer Months

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Want some tips on how to save on energy bills when it’s hot outside? Your timing is perfect since temperatures are already heating up and summer will be here before you know it. Here are five tips on how to save on energy bills while keeping your home cool and comfortable during the warmer months.

1) Use Window Film

The sun produces infrared light that heats up your home as it filters through your windows. This causes your AC to work overtime and your energy bills to shoot up. Window film designed to block out the sun’s rays can help your home to stay cool and comfortable while controlling energy costs. This film reduces the amount of sun rays that enter your home through the windows, so your home doesn’t get as hot. Since it’s made of multiple fine layers that insulate your windows, it also holds in more of the cool air generated by your home’s cooling system.

3M™ Sun Control Window Film is a great example of window film that cuts energy costs while enhancing the appearance of your windows and still allowing in 40-70% of natural light. This multi-layer film uses nano-technology to block out 97% of infrared light and reject up to 60% of the heat that comes through windows. It also blocks out a significant percentage of the harmful UV rays that can fade your furnishings and belongings.

2) Check Vents and Air Filters

Check your air filters and replace old dirty, dusty filters with energy-efficient filters designed to help your home’s cooling system work more efficiently and lower energy costs. Also, check all the vents throughout your home to make sure they are fully open and not covered by rugs, furniture, or other objects.

3) Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Consider upgrading to a smart thermostat that you can adjust from anywhere using an app on your smartphone. This kind of thermostat allows you to turn up the temperature when you’ll be away, even if you forget to do it before you leave home. And you can adjust to a cooler temperature when you’re on your way back home. It’s a good idea to get an AC tune-up before it gets super hot anyway, so ask your HVAC technician about installing a smart thermostat when they visit your home.

4) Switch to LED Bulbs

Regular incandescent bulbs release heat. They also use a lot more energy than LEDs and compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). Replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs and CFLs throughout your home can make a significant difference in your utility bills. These bulbs cost more up front, but they last a lot longer and will pay for themselves in the long run. If you don’t want to replace all your bulbs at once, just replace a few at a time as old bulbs burn out. In the meantime, keep an eye out for sales so you have them on hand when you need them.

5) Change How You Cook

Cooking in the oven in the summer can push up the temperature in your home and put a strain on your home’s cooling system. If you enjoy cooking, try preparing more foods on the stovetop or in small appliances like multi-cookers and microwave ovens, which don’t require as much energy or release as much heat. Summer is also the perfect time to cook out on the grill and eat more chilled foods like salads and cold sandwiches that don’t require cooking at all.

When used in combination with window film, these tips can help lower your energy costs and maintain a more comfortable interior temperature as the summer months approach!

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Carolina Solar Security is a premium 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer in Wilmington, NC. We have been providing North Carolina homeowners and business owners with window tinting solutions since 1985 and never stop working to bring our customers the best products paired with the most skilled window film technicians. Reach out to us for your free quote today!

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