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woman on phone looking out of office window
Commercial window tinting is a very affordable alternative to replacing windows and glass doors that no longer look attractive or are inefficient and drafty. Window tinting can significantly reduce energy costs and provides an excellent return on investment (ROI). According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), as much as 35% of energy loss in...
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woman with golden retriever in front of windows
When you think about residential window tinting benefits, images of bathroom windows and shower doors in frosted and decorative patterns may come to mind. While it’s true that window tinting comes in an extensive variety of styles and patterns to complement every home exterior or décor, window film provides many useful functions. Wondering if it’s...
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view of home with lights on from the yard
Increasing the value of your home doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many affordable changes you can make that can make a big difference, from whitewashing a room with a clean coat of paint to improving your home’s energy efficiency. When trying to increase the value of your home, consider whether the project will...
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decorative privacy window film
Decorative privacy window film not only has high-end finish options to complement any decor. It also provides many ways to enhance privacy in homes and other commercial spaces. Furthermore, applying window film to windows and other glass services costs a fraction of the price of other privacy solutions. Here are five uses for decorative film...
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increase employee productivity
Regardless of your industry, finding ways to increase employee productivity can be challenging, especially with so many distractions in the workplace. Sometimes relatively small changes in the work environment can make a big difference. Here are four improvements you can implement in offices and other workspaces for a boost in employee productivity. 1) Improve Comfort...
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how to save on energy bills
Want some tips on how to save on energy bills when it’s hot outside? Your timing is perfect since temperatures are already heating up and summer will be here before you know it. Here are five tips on how to save on energy bills while keeping your home cool and comfortable during the warmer months....
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window film installation
Do you want to learn more about window film installation? At Carolina Solar Security, we get questions from our customers all the time about window film installation and what will happen after we arrive at their home or business. For example, many of our customers want to know how their windows will be prepped, how...
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window film damage
One of the most common misconceptions about window film is that it will damage your windows. Many people believe that it will cause your windows to become foggy over time. With over 30 years of experience in the window film industry, the experts at Carolina Solar Security have the expertise to put this misconception to rest....
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myths about window film
The Carolina Solar Security team has been serving our customers’ window film needs for over 30 years. In that time we have heard many myths about window film. Below we provide the truth about some of the most common myths we hear. Myth 1: Window Film is Only Helpful in the Summer One idea that...
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3M™ authorized dealer
When there’s a tint shop on every corner, how can you tell which one will give you the best product and service? 3M™ made this easy by developing an industry-wide designation. Window tint companies who meet 3M™‘s stringent requirements for quality, technical expertise, and customer service become members of the 3M™ Authorized Dealer Network. This...
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