So, it’s time to refresh and reinvigorate your space. Before spending time, money, and energy on traditional refinishing products, explore what 3M DI-NOC architectural finishes can do for your commercial office space.

Carolina Solar Security is a 3M certified prestige dealer that has served businesses in North Carolina since 1985. From St. James to Jacksonville and beyond, we’re here to help with your architectural finishing needs.

Hundreds of Design Options

Have you ever seen the 3M DI-NOC catalog? It’s more like a tome than anything else! 3M DI-NOC is a self-adhesive film comes in nearly 1,000 patterns. No matter if you’re in the market for sleek metals, sophisticated stones, soothing wood grains, or out-of-this-world abstract design, there’s a film for you.

Style on a Budget

You can use traditional materials to renovate your commercial office space, but it will cost you. Instead of spending your company’s hard-earned profits on natural wood and stone decor, choose to stretch your budget with affordable architectural finishes from Carolina Solar Security in North Carolina.

Durable Refinishing Options

Nothing lasts like DI-NOC. 3M DI-NOC architectural finishes are known far and wide for their durable construction, and many categories offer superior scratch resistance. You need a refinishing solution that will last, and 3M DI-NOC from Carolina Solar Security will stand the test of time.

Professional Installation

Carolina Solar Security is staffed by certified the ONLY 3M Endorsed installers in the North Carolina area,  who know the intricacies of high-end DI-NOC architectural finishes. We can install your new look in a fraction of the time it would take for traditional renovation and cause minimal disruptions to your day-to-day. Consult with Carolina Solar Security to see how we can breathe new life into your space.

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