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3m science for life office lounge with beige chairs, circular light, and purple commercial graphic decorative film in flower pattern

Commercial Graphics in North Carolina Matter

Carolina Solar Security has gone through some exciting changes in the past few months. We are now proudly powered by AP Corp and we’ve welcomed Luke McLawhorn as Operations Manager and Partner. Now, we’re excited to share yet another sign of our growth: we provide custom commercial graphics in North Carolina for business owners and […]

girl sitting next to window with uv protection

Benefits of UV Protection Film

Solve this riddle: What’s something you can’t see, you can’t feel until a few hours later, and can cause lifelong harm? Ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV radiation is a form of energy emitted from the sun and other manmade sources like tanning beds. UV radiation is different than the heat you feel on a hot summer […]

elegant bathroom with decorative window film on shower enclosure

Decorative Window Film Applications for Homes

Are you looking for fun and creative ways to liven up your space? While home décor and design changes are always an option, there’s an even more unique way to transform your home: decorative window film. From kitchens to bathrooms, you can use decorative window film in practically every room of your home. In addition […]

happy employees in conference room with decorative window tinting

Decorative Window Tinting for Office Privacy

Many commercial buildings that were closed during the pandemic are reopening, filling vacant offices and empty desks. The hustle-and-bustle of people around the office might be a welcome change compared to working from home, but it might not be as appealing for everyone in a post-pandemic world. Commercial buildings with large areas of glass can […]

sunroom with dining area

6 Sunroom Makeover Ideas

Sunrooms are inviting because they let us enjoy the great outdoors without leaving the comfort of indoors. With plenty of natural light and wide, wonderful views, your sunroom has the potential to be the most-loved room in your home. But because they are extra rooms in the house, they also can become under-utilized, drab, cluttered, […]