Dual-Reflective Window Film: What Is It?

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Finding a happy medium between a beautiful view and privacy is a challenge that just about every business owner faces. We all love a room or lobby with big, expansive windows and the natural light they let in. They make your employees and clients feel the warmth of the sun and appreciate the effort you’ve put into making your space memorable. But, like almost everything else in life, big windows come with a catch-the possibility of unwanted eyes looking inside.

Luckily, you don’t have to choose between privacy and the view any longer. Dual-reflective window films are available to create that happy medium for you. But how does it work, and is it worth it? Keep reading to find out.

How Dial-Reflective Window Film Works

Dual-reflective window film works by filtering light before it enters your space. This film will reject up to 99% of UV rays to prevent damage to your interiors, filter excess infrared light to keep you cool, and allow the appropriate amount of near-infrared rays into your space. NIR rays warm up your space but carry less energy than visible light and are not as likely to cause heating issues.

Privacy & Appearance of Dual-Reflective Window Film

Privacy is a major concern for all business owners. Who wouldn’t want their staff and clients to feel safe in their space? Highly reflective window film will protect the privacy of your business, staff, and clients alike. It is made reflective when visible light touches its surface and is reflected back. For those outside your business, your windows will look like a black mirror. On the inside looking out, they are simply clear windows.

You may also want to consider applying two layers of dual-reflective window film. The biggest difference between single- and dual-reflective window films is that with single reflective, you can see outside but not inside. With dual-reflective, you can see both ways; but in low light conditions, such as during nighttime, direct sunlight isn’t present to create reflection on the inside surface of your windows.

Energy Savings

Dual-reflective window film is widely known for its energy savings benefits. The unique composition of these films allow near-infrared rays into your space to warm it, while rejecting as much infrared light as possible. Infrared rays carry a great amount of energy and can quickly overheat your business. Instead of allowing infrared light to take over a space, dual-reflective window film’s unique composition filters it out. But the film will allow for the transmission of near-infrared light, infrared light’s less energetic cousin. Because NIR rays carry less energy, you don’t have to blast your AC system to stay comfortable.

Where To Get It

There are a few things to look for when choosing the right dealer. First, and most importantly, you need to make sure that the installer has experience working with dual-reflective films. Dual-reflective window films are specialized products, and we will always recommend finding a certified, experienced installer.

Carolina Solar Security, Your Dial-Reflective Film Go-To

At Carolina Solar Security, a division of AP Corp, we provide warrantied and certified installation for homes and businesses throughout coastal North Carolina. For everything from decorative film to dual-reflective film, you can count on us.

Carolina Solar Security is a 3M™ Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealer in Wilmington, NC. We have been providing North Carolina homeowners and business owners with window tinting solutions since 1985 and never stop working to bring our customers the best products paired with the most skilled window film technicians. Reach out to us for your free quote today!

Benefits of UV Protection Film

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Solve this riddle: What’s something you can’t see, you can’t feel until a few hours later, and can cause lifelong harm? Ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

UV radiation is a form of energy emitted from the sun and other manmade sources like tanning beds. UV radiation is different than the heat you feel on a hot summer day in Wilmington, but you can certainly feel its effects later when you get a sunburn. While minimal exposure to UV rays can be beneficial, prolonged exposure can result in premature aging and even skin cancer. Luckily, products like sunscreen, sunglasses, and UV protection film can keep us safe from UV rays, indoors and outside.

UV Rays See No Boundaries

It’s common practice to apply sunscreen before a long beach day or an afternoon spent at the pool. However, we often don’t realize that UV rays can even impact us while we’re indoors; they can enter through windows disguised as beautiful natural light. Exposure to UV rays can cause hardwood floors, rugs, furniture, and more to fade over time.

If this damage can be done to furnishings, imagine what UV rays can do to your skin! While North Carolina dermatologists recommend applying sunscreen daily, you shouldn’t have to wear sunscreen on a day spent lounging inside your home. Luckily, UV protection film can keep both you and your furnishings out of harm’s way!

UV Protection Film…

Prevents Fading

You invest a lot in decorating your home, from beautiful furniture to intricate art pieces. Don’t let UV rays enter and wreak havoc on your decor! With UV protection film, you can block UV rays without eliminating natural light. In fact, UV window film rejects up to 99.9% of UV rays and 97% of infrared heat, both of which contribute to fading. Add years to the life of furnishings when you invest in UV protection film.

Protects Your Skin

Not only does this window film protect your belongings, but it also protects your skin. Its excellent UV rejecting abilities mean you’ll be safe and sound inside from damaging UV rays. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window film as an efficient UV protectant. Protect yourself and your family from the long-term effects of UV exposure by investing in window film.

Improves Comfort

In addition to its impeccable UV rejection, this film also rejects heat! The sun can heat up interiors on a hot day, leading to both discomfort and overworked HVAC systems. With window film, you can achieve comfortable interiors and lower energy bills without eliminating natural light from your space.

UV protection window film extends the life of furnishings, rejects heat, and shields your skin from harmful UV rays. So when you choose window film, you’re choosing both enhanced comfort and increased protection for a happier, healthier home.

Carolina Solar Security is a 3M™ Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealer in Wilmington, NC. We have been providing North Carolina homeowners and business owners with window tinting solutions since 1985 and never stop working to bring our customers the best products paired with the most skilled window film technicians. Reach out to us for your free quote today! 

4 Ways Window Film Benefits Your Space Without Blocking Your View or Natural Light

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When we think of the ideal home or workplace, the first few features that come to mind are often abundant natural light and sweeping outdoor views. In fact, a survey by Future Workplace found that natural light and a view of the outdoors is the number one desired attribute of a workplace environment. While many people enjoy the benefits that windows provide, we often overlook the downsides of a window-filled space until an issue arises. Bothersome glare, uncomfortable temperatures, damage from ultraviolet rays, and lack of privacy are all disadvantages of windows. While curtains and blinds can certainly mitigate these issues, they also block natural light and outdoor views. Luckily, window film can help you achieve the best of both worlds.

Let in the Light Without the Worry Using Window Film

When it comes to sun control and privacy, the first solutions that come to mind are likely blinds or curtains. However, window treatments eliminate the benefits windows provide, such as natural light and views. Not to mention, blinds and curtains don’t address issues like damaging ultraviolet rays when open. On the other hand, window film is a comprehensive solution that provides all the benefits of sun control without eliminating natural light! Depending on the film you select, window film can also create more privacy within your space.

With Window Film, You’ll Enjoy:

Improved Occupant Comfort

While we enjoy a naturally lit space, the sun can create hot spots and glare. With window film, you can welcome natural light into your space without the discomfort associated with bright sunlight! Furthermore, window film can reject the sun’s heat, leading to more comfortable interiors. Depending on the film you select, it can also provide improved insulation for comfortable temperatures year-round. With window film, you don’t have to choose between sunlight and comfort!

Lower Energy Bills

When the sun heats up your space, HVAC systems work overtime to maintain the desired temperature. On the other hand, poorly insulated windows can have difficulty retaining manmade heat in the cool winter months. As a result, energy bills can skyrocket! By rejecting the sun’s heat, window film not only creates more comfortable temperatures but also lowers energy bills. For energy savings year-round, products like 3M Thinsulate Window Film can improve insulation to reject heat in the summer and retain it in the winter.

UV Protection

When we think of UV rays, we often only consider them before heading outdoors for a day at the beach or by the pool. However, did you know that UV rays can actually have an impact indoors as well? UV rays can enter through windows, causing furniture, floorings, and artwork to fade. Window film rejects up to 99% of UV rays, prolonging the life of furnishings and even protecting occupants’ skin. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window film as an effective UV protectant.

Increased Privacy

While windows allow views of the outdoors and provide natural lighting, this can also result in a lack of privacy. Traditional solutions like curtains are an option, but they compromise sunlight and views. Luckily, many window film options are specifically made to increase the privacy of your space. For instance, if you’d like privacy without eliminating sunlight, perhaps you choose a frosted decorative window film. On the other hand, if your end goal is enhanced privacy during the day, 3M Night Vision Window Film could be a solution.

Start Enjoying Benefits of Window Film

With window film, you can enjoy the benefits of windows while mitigating their disadvantages. There is a window film solution to meet the particular needs of your space, whether you require increased privacy, lower energy bills, improved comfort, and more. When it comes to homes and offices, the atmosphere is important! That’s why window film is the perfect solution to create a pleasant environment for occupants.

Carolina Solar Security is a 3M™ Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealer in Wilmington, NC. We have been providing North Carolina homeowners and business owners with window tinting solutions since 1985 and never stop working to bring our customers the best products paired with the most skilled window film technicians. Reach out to us for your free quote today! 

How Solar Control Film Can Help You Stay Cool This Summer + Additional Benefits

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Summer is almost here again, and it seems every year is a little bit hotter than the one before. Now is the perfect time to prepare our homes and offices so they’ll be cool and comfortable in the sweltering months ahead. While it sounds simple, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature can be challenging during the summer’s heatwaves. Infrared rays from the sun penetrate your glass windows and raise indoor temperatures, causing your AC system to work overtime. This temperature fluctuation results in costly energy bills, equipment issues, and repairs. Solar control film can help.

What Is Solar Control Film?

Solar control film counteracts issues caused by the sun, including heat, glare, and damage caused by UV rays. 3M™ Prestige Solar Control Window Films are top-quality films in this category. Made with patented technology, the film has 200-plus wafer-thin layers bonded together into sheets thinner than a sticky note. The films are durable, scratch-resistant, and designed to transmit plenty of natural light. They are non-metallic, so there’s nothing to corrode or interfere with device signals.

Here’s how these films address the main issues caused by the sun in the summertime in both homes and commercial properties.

Heat Rejection

Sun control window film’s temperature regulation is two-fold. First, it reduces the amount of solar heat that enters buildings through glass windows, doors, and skylights. 3M™ Sun Control Window Film, for instance, uses nano-technology to block out 97% of infrared light and reject up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows. Secondly, solar control film serves as an insulator, retaining more of the cool air generated by your air conditioning system. Not only will your home be more comfortable, but your AC unit will not have to work as hard to keep your home cool, resulting in lower energy costs and fewer HVAC repair bills.

Glare Reduction

Glare can be annoying, cause discomfort, and make it difficult to view the device screens we use every day, including the screens on televisions, computer monitors, laptops and desktop computers, smartphones, and cameras. The sun’s glare can block our views to the outside, interfere with our vision, and even result in eye strain and headaches.

3M™ Window Films have anti-glare properties that significantly reduce excessive glare. The 3M™ Prestige Series Films, for example, are constructed of hundreds of layers that precisely control light by reflecting certain wavelengths while letting others pass through. This film actually increases its performance as the sun’s angle increases, offering more glare protection when the sun is high and at its hottest.

UV Protection

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight is one of the greatest sources of damage to home interiors. When exposed to sunlight for extended periods, the sun’s UV rays will cause materials to fade, discolor, and deteriorate. These same UV rays also damage our skin, even through window glass. UV rays can cause our skin to wrinkle and age, in addition to increasing our chances of developing skin cancer. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, window glass effectively blocks UVB rays, but 50 percent or more of harmful UVA rays still penetrate through the glass.

Window film with UV protection reflects up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This layer of protection not only shields our skin but also extends the life of home and office furnishings.

Learn More About Solar Control Film

Prepare your windows for the impending summer heat with 3M Solar Control Window Film. When you invest in window film, you’re investing in comfort, energy efficiency, and sun protection. Contact the window tinting experts at Carolina Solar Security for a free quote and consultation!
Carolina Solar Security is a 3M™ Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealer in Wilmington, NC. We have been providing North Carolina homeowners and business owners with window tinting solutions since 1985 and never stop working to bring our customers the best products paired with the most skilled window film technicians. Reach out to us for your free quote today! 

6 Sunroom Makeover Ideas

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Sunrooms are inviting because they let us enjoy the great outdoors without leaving the comfort of indoors. With plenty of natural light and wide, wonderful views, your sunroom has the potential to be the most-loved room in your home. But because they are extra rooms in the house, they also can become under-utilized, drab, cluttered, or outdated. If you aren’t using your sunroom very often, it may be time for a sunroom makeover! Here are six ideas that can help you improve your sunroom’s comfort and style. Try these ideas to transform it into a room that you won’t ever want to leave.

1 – A Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the most affordable ways to update your sunroom is to add a fresh coat of paint. Choose a color that reflects the style or mood you’d like to portray in the room. For instance, a clean white can give the room a light and airy feel, while neutral earthy tones can warm the space, and bright colors offer a bold, cheerful look.

2 – Plants

Because they are well lit, sunrooms are an excellent place to display plants. Plants can make the room seem even more connected to nature. Put them in pots with colors and patterns that complement other room decor for a cohesive aesthetic.

3 – Reading Corner

Because sunrooms are so well-lit, there’s no better place to curl up and read a good book or magazine. Why not add a bookcase? There are many styles and size options, ranging from small corner shelves to bookcases that fit below the windows. Stock your shelves with your favorite books or a mix of genres that might appeal to others in your family or visitors to your home.

4 – Dining with a View

If your sunroom is under-utilized, consider converting it into a bright and cheery dining area with wonderful views. This is an especially good idea if you have don’t have a dining room or your dining area is too small for entertaining. You can move the dining room to the sunroom to free up your existing dining room for other uses, like making it a home office. Your sunroom can also serve as an extension of your existing dining space for larger gatherings.

5 – Furniture Experimentation

The sunroom is the perfect room to experiment with fun, comfy, or unconventional seating and other furniture. From a rattan seat that hangs from the ceiling to a rope hammock for an afternoon nap, the options are virtually endless. Thrift stores and garage sales are great places to look for eclectic and inexpensive furniture that can be brought back to life with some spray paint or new upholstery.

6 – Window Film for Comfort

Because sunrooms have many windows, they can be exposed to too much sunlight. This excess solar heat can cause the rooms to reach uncomfortable temperatures. The windows can also permit excessive brightness and fade-inducing UV rays. Professionally installed window film can solve these issues and greatly improve the comfort of your sunroom while helping to improve energy efficiency. 3M Prestige Series Sun Control Window Film is an excellent option. Depending on the variety you select, it blocks between 30 and 80% of the sun’s visible light rays to reduce glare, making it easier to view screens on smartphones and other electronic devices. It also reflects up to 60% of solar heat to help keep sunrooms cooler when it’s hot outside. In the winter, the film helps to insulate windows and reflects heat back inside. The result is better comfort in your sunroom year-round. Window film works without blocking your views and is durable. When we professionally install it for you, it’s backed by a lengthy warranty.

Learn More About Installing Window Film in Your Sunroom

Carolina Solar Security is a 3M™ Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealer in Wilmington, NC. We have been providing North Carolina homeowners and business owners with window tinting solutions since 1985 and never stop working to bring our customers the best products paired with the most skilled window film technicians. Reach out to us for your free quote today! 

How to Prevent Fading & Extend the Life of Your Home Furnishings

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Can you prevent fading, or is fading something you have to live with and just accept? If this is a question that you’ve ever pondered, we have some good news. A great deal of the fading that occurs on furniture, fabrics, carpets, and wood flooring is preventable. Even if fading has never crossed your mind, it’s worth considering ways to protect expensive home furnishings so they look better and last longer. With less fading, you will replace these items less often and save money in the long run.

What Causes Fading?

Several different factors cause fading, but the top source of fading is ultraviolet or UV radiation from sunlight. The sun’s UV rays can cause fading, discoloration, and even deterioration of home furnishings when exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time. Hardwood flooring, for example, is very vulnerable to sun damage. Some wood will turn dark when damaged by the sun, while other types will fade and turn lighter. Only the areas of the floor exposed to the sun will discolor, causing the floor to look patchy and unevenly colored.

Other factors that cause fading include visible sunlight, solar heat, humidity, artificial light, and sometimes harsh cleaning methods. Some of these secondary factors you can control by adjusting the humidity level in your home, using low-heat generating LED lighting, and using the recommended cleaning methods to clean furniture, flooring, and other items.

How Window Film Helps Prevent Fading

Fortunately, window film very efficiently addresses the top source of fading — UV radiation — in addition to two other main sources of fading: visible sunlight and solar heat. This means that fading isn’t something that you have to accept and live with at all. It is very preventable with the correct sunlight-filtering technologies in place.

3M™ window film blocks 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays while also reducing visible sunlight and solar heat. Additionally, the film still permits plenty of natural light to keep spaces bright.

Besides furnishings, window film with UV protection also helps preserve artwork, photos, and other mementos. In fact, it’s so effective that museums and historic homes around the globe rely on it to protect valuable artifacts and collections. They choose window film over other alternatives because it works without changing the look of their windows. That’s right; window film works discreetly without drastically changing the appearance of your home from the interior or exterior. UV rays also cause skin damage and can lead to skin cancer. As a result, window film can also help to protect your skin when indoors near windows, skylights, or glass doors.

By protecting the interior of your space from sun damage, you’ll save money by not having to reupholster, refinish, or replace your furnishings and floorings as often. The window tinting experts at Carolina Solar Security can help you find the best film for your space. Invest in the longevity of your floorings, furnishings, artwork, and more with window film today!

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Carolina Solar Security is a 3M™ Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealer in Wilmington, NC. We have been providing North Carolina homeowners and business owners with window tinting solutions since 1985 and never stop working to bring our customers the best products paired with the most skilled window film technicians. Reach out to us for your free quote today!

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