There are many causes of fading, but UV rays from the sun are at the top of the list. Although they are not visible by the human eye, UV rays wreak havoc on home interiors. If you’ve ever noticed that a piece of furniture fades faster when it’s by a sunny window, UV rays are the reason why. Besides UV rays, fading can also be caused by visible light that can be seen by the human eye, heat, chemicals, age, dye fastness, and physical wear and tear.

The material from which an item is made also affects how quickly it fades. When comparing fabrics, for example, natural fabrics like cotton will generally fade faster than synthetic fabrics. Synthetic fabrics created from man-made fibers tend to hold their dye better than natural fabrics.

Furnishings That Are Prone to Fading

Since items that are near windows, glass doors, or under skylights get the most exposure to sunlight, they are most vulnerable to fading. Home furnishings that are prone to fading include natural wood floors, carpets and rugs, wallpaper, window treatments, furniture, fabrics, artwork, and photographs. Some of these items are expensive to replace or irreplaceable if they are one of a kind. 

That’s why it’s important to protect them from fading.

Window Film Can Reduce Fading

Window film is an affordable solution for protecting your valuable home and office furnishings from fading. While no solution can entirely prevent fading, window film can dramatically slow the process. This keeps your furnishings looking their best for longer. It works by blocking up to 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Furthermore, it reduces visible light and solar heat, addressing the next two top causes of fading.

In fact, 3M™ window film prevents fading so well that museums and historic homes around the world use it for sun damage prevention. It helps protect valuable artifacts and collections while preserving old windows and building aesthetics. Whether you think your home furnishings and keepsakes deserve this same level of protection or you just want to get the most out of your investment, window film provides a good solution.

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By Published On: December 20, 2019

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