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Prevent Fading

Prevent fading with window tinting

Prevent fading with window film

Your beautiful heirloom chair, those original hardwood floors, or all the merchandise in your storefront window display – it all deserves to be kept safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Carolina Solar Security’s 3M™ Window Films are designed to protect your property from the two leading causes of fading, with UV rejection as high as 99.9% and infrared rejection up to 97%. Tinted films also reduce visible light that enters the space – another leading contributor of fading.

Let light in

Our quality window tinting let light in while diminishing heat and glare. Natural light is either softened or redirected, reducing the need for artificial fluorescents. It also eliminates the need to cover windows with shags, shutters, or sheers that compromise your view.

A saving grace for every space

Our 3M™ Window Films are perfect for office buildings, hotels, and retail stores where maintaining merchandise and office furniture is essential for retaining customers, visitors, and employees. Plus, rejecting the sun’s heat is vital for keeping everyone comfortable, too.

Eliminate the potential for damaged furnishings or merchandise. Get a free consultation to see how 3M™ Window Films can help reduce fading issues at your home or business.