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Professional 3M™ Trained Installers

We take pride in employing local workers who are professionally trained 3M™ window film installers. Carolina Solar Security never sends contractors or third party vendors to your home or business. Our installers are courteous and respectful of your property and time.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We offer a personal guarantee of satisfaction on every project. We take the time to consult with each client onsite to find the best solar or security window film solution. Plus, as a certified dealer of 3M™ products, Carolina Solar Security offers a lifetime warranty on window film.

Punctual and On Time

We value punctuality and will always show up on time to the work site. Plus, our trained installers work efficiently to complete jobs quickly and carefully out of respect for your time and property.

What is window film?

Carolina Solar Security window tinting by design remains nearly invisible as it reduces the amount of solar heat and UV rays transmitted through glass. Ideal for windows, doors, partitions, or to attract visual interest, window film ranges from 100 percent clarity to dark tinted or colored. It lets the natural light shine through without the damaging effects from the sun, which results in many benefits for your home or office including:

  • Increased comfort
  • Lower energy bills
  • Better privacy
  • Fade protection
  • Reduced glare
  • Increased safety and security

Window tinting can be paired with curtains and blinds to increase effectiveness. But unlike traditional window treatments that must remain closed to get the benefits, window film leaves your view unobstructed. It’s also strong and durable, reinforcing windows for years to come.

Safety and security for peace of mind

Rest easy knowing your windows help deter break-ins, protecting your family and your assets. 3M™ window film is engineered to hold broken glass together, impeding criminals for two minutes or longer. It also holds up against severe weather and strong winds, preventing shards of glass from causing injury.

What We Do

save energy window film installation

Window tinting helps improve energy efficiency year round, lowering energy costs and reducing carbon emissions. You can recoup installation costs in as little as 2 to 3 years with a solution that has a lasting impact. Soften the sun’s glow, cool your room, reduce hot spots and glare – all with 3M™ window film.

improve comfort window film commercial building

Increase the comfort level in your home or business by maintaining a balanced temperature and eliminating hot spots or cold spots. Plus, window tinting works with your room’s aesthetic, helping it maintain its appeal. The film is designed to reject heat from the sun and insulate against the cold while eliminating glare and fading.

broken and shattered window

Protect vulnerable glass against severe weather, natural disasters, and untimely accidents. Window film acts as a strong barrier that holds glass together, protecting people and property while minimizing damage. Whether it’s your family, employees, or valued assets, protect who and what you value most for a better peace of mind.

commercial building with windows

Increase the feeling of security in any space with 3M™ window film. Designed to protect against threats like forced entry, vandalism, and explosions, this is a proven solution for deterring criminals for up to two minutes. Mitigate loss and damage while adding a heightened sense of security without unsightly bars.

enhance decor and privacy window film

Elegant interiors deserve elegant solutions. Don’t sacrifice the beauty of natural light for additional privacy. 3M™ Glass Finishes create an etched, frosted, or crystalized look at a fraction of the price, letting the sun shine through your window tinting while maintaining a comfortable and private space.

redirect light window film installation

Brighten any room by extending the sunlight beyond the window’s reach. 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film floods light 40 feet from the window, reducing the need for artificial light and lowering energy costs.


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