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Decorative Privacy Window Film: 10 Applications for Homes & Commercial Spaces

Decorative privacy window film not only has high-end finish options to complement any decor. It also provides many ways to enhance privacy in homes and other commercial spaces. Furthermore, applying window film to windows and other glass services costs a fraction of the price of other privacy solutions. Here are five uses for decorative film for the office and five you can try at home.

5 Uses for Decorative Privacy Window Film at Home

1 – Bathroom Windows – It’s great to let natural light filter into the bathroom, but how do you do that without sacrificing privacy? Decorative window film is the ideal solution because it lets you retain natural light, while adding privacy. At the same time, it can give this smallest room in the house an open, more spacious feel.

2 – Shower Doors – Frosted film on shower doors can provide privacy in the shower, while still allowing you to see out. Decorative window film also enhances the look of a plain shower door with frosted, etched, and texturized designs.

3 – Cabinet Doors – If you have cabinets with glass doors, you may not always want the cabinets’ contents on display. Decorative film can add color and beauty to your cabinet doors, while hiding what’s inside.

4 – Front Door – Adding decorative film to glass panes on entry doors is a great way to add style and beauty to your home’s facade, while keeping outsiders from looking in. 

5 – Sunrooms and Enclosed Patios – Sunrooms and enclosed patios are designed to let in plenty of light, while making you feel connected to nature. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you want everyone who is outdoors to see in. Window film with high exterior reflectivity but low interior reflectivity, retains privacy without blocking with your view.

5 Uses for Decorative Privacy Window Film in Commercial Spaces

1 – Meeting Rooms – Apply decorative privacy window film to the glass walls and windows of meeting rooms so that those inside don’t feel like they’re on display. Placing film strategically at eye level can help these rooms maintain their spacious feel, while making them more private.

2 – Glass Partitions – Protect the privacy of those on either side of glass partitions and make the spaces seem more divided by applying decorative window film. You can also add signage to these partitions with decorative film. 

3 – Cubicles – Cubicles with glass windows can make employees feel like they’re constantly being watched. Decorative window film can add some privacy to these workspaces, helping to improve worker comfort and satisfaction.

4 – Entrances – Adding decorative film to doors and windows at front entrances can enhance privacy for those inside, while still allowing in natural light. You can also add branding and messaging to your building’s entrance using decorative film.

5 – Windows – Decorative window film can keep onlookers from peeking into windows and improve the look of commercial building exteriors, without completely obstructing the view for those inside.

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