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Increase Safety

increase safety window film installation

Increase safety with window tinting

Be prepared in case of an accident or natural disaster. Windows don’t have to be one of the most vulnerable points of your home or building. Protect your family, merchandise, or other assets from accidents and natural disasters. Tested against 170 mph winds, window film fortifies your glass against the unexpected and allows you to focus on other areas of safety.

Don’t break under the pressure

Windows break for any number reasons – stray golf balls, strong winds, hail, or other accidents. Our 3M™ Window Film keeps shattered glass together, removing the risk of stray shards that cause injury. Plus, the cost to add window film is significantly less than the cost to replace windows or pay medical bills for injured people. With 3M™ Window Film, you can stay safe in the face of:

  • Seismic events
  • Strong storms
  • High winds
  • Potential glass related injuries
Set the bar for safety standards

Window films strengthen glass and minimize safety hazards. That’s why it’s often recommended as a solution for bringing old or unsafe windows up to code. It’s also up to seven times less costly than replacing the glass or event putting in new windows. If your building code states that glass near wet surfaces, doors, or stairs must meet certain safety requirements; let Carolina Solar Security get you back in compliance.

Helping you feel safe and secure is our top priority. Call Carolina Solar Security to schedule an onsite consultation, where we will assess your needs, make product recommendations, and provide an estimate.

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Request an estimate for residential or commercial window tinting in Wilmington, Jacksonville and surrounding areas in North Carolina. Let us know what products or services you are interested in and one of our window tint specialists will be in touch.