Bird Safety Window Film in Fayetteville, NC

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Imagine you’re going about your regular day-to-day at the office. You’re sending emails, answering the phone, chatting by the proverbial water cooler when BAM! Some unlucky rock dove has mistaken your window for the wide-open sky, injuring themselves and damaging your glass window in the process.

Luckily, there’s a way to help our avian friends steer clear of closed windows: Bird Safety Window Film.


Why Birds Crash into Windows

What’s the deal with birds and windows? Since birds can’t tell us directly, we’ll have to go based on theory. It’s widely believed that birds simply get confused by reflections on glass windows during the daytime. If your window is reflecting the sky, they think they’re in the clear. If the reflection has vegetation, then they’re thinking about taking a seat or grabbing a snack. At night, nocturnal birds may crash into windows if they see a light inside the building.

It’s nice to know why birds crash into windows, but it doesn’t make it any less distressing when it happens. Thankfully, businesses in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and surrounding areas can count on Carolina Solar Security to find a bird safety window film solution that actually works.


How Bird Film Works

Traditionally, companies relied on fritted glass to deter birds from crashing into windows. If you’re not in the know, fritted glass is just regular glass with fine pours throughout. These pours allow liquid and gas to escape through the glass, reduces glare, and cuts cooling costs. But this unique product has one major drawback – the cost. A single pane of fritted glass can cost between $15 and $70!

Instead of breaking the bank to get fritted glass, businesses in Fayetteville, NC rely on bird safety window film solutions.

It might be hard to imagine how something as simple as window film can protect your building and birds in one flow swoop, but it really is possible! Bird safety window film is constructed from durable materials and designed to deter birds from flying into reflective glass by mimicking the look of fritted glass.

Both bird film and fritted glass make it possible for birds to see a reflection in a window and recognize it for what it is. With your


The Hidden Branding Benefits of Bird Film

With over one million birds meeting their maker by flying into windows a year, it just makes sense to invest in a window film that will protect you, them, and your building.

But the benefits of bird film don’t end with safety. As always, we have to consider the style factor. Bird safety window film comes in either dotted or striped patterns. While it might not seem like much, the simple, understated look of these window films add just the right amount of style to any space.

There’s also the sheer fact that bird deterring window films still offer the same heat and light reflection you’ve come to expect. That means you can protect the birds in your area, block UV rays, reject heat, and save on energy costs all at once.


Your Certified Fayetteville, NC Bird-Friendly Window Film Installer

When looking for a provider of bird safety film in Fayetteville, NC, you need to make sure you are working with the best. Look for an experienced, certified window film dealer.

Carolina Solar Security is a 3M Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealer in Wilmington, NC. That’s just an hour and a half away! We’ve been providing home and business owners with bird deterring window film solutions that work since 1985. And now that we’re powered by AP Corp, we’re able to provide our customers with more solutions than ever before.

Interested in finding a solution to protect birds and your building? Reach out to Carolina Solar Security for a free quote!

4 Ways Window Film Benefits Your Space Without Blocking Your View or Natural Light

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When we think of the ideal home or workplace, the first few features that come to mind are often abundant natural light and sweeping outdoor views. In fact, a survey by Future Workplace found that natural light and a view of the outdoors is the number one desired attribute of a workplace environment. While many people enjoy the benefits that windows provide, we often overlook the downsides of a window-filled space until an issue arises. Bothersome glare, uncomfortable temperatures, damage from ultraviolet rays, and lack of privacy are all disadvantages of windows. While curtains and blinds can certainly mitigate these issues, they also block natural light and outdoor views. Luckily, window film can help you achieve the best of both worlds.

Let in the Light Without the Worry Using Window Film

When it comes to sun control and privacy, the first solutions that come to mind are likely blinds or curtains. However, window treatments eliminate the benefits windows provide, such as natural light and views. Not to mention, blinds and curtains don’t address issues like damaging ultraviolet rays when open. On the other hand, window film is a comprehensive solution that provides all the benefits of sun control without eliminating natural light! Depending on the film you select, window film can also create more privacy within your space.

With Window Film, You’ll Enjoy:

Improved Occupant Comfort

While we enjoy a naturally lit space, the sun can create hot spots and glare. With window film, you can welcome natural light into your space without the discomfort associated with bright sunlight! Furthermore, window film can reject the sun’s heat, leading to more comfortable interiors. Depending on the film you select, it can also provide improved insulation for comfortable temperatures year-round. With window film, you don’t have to choose between sunlight and comfort!

Lower Energy Bills

When the sun heats up your space, HVAC systems work overtime to maintain the desired temperature. On the other hand, poorly insulated windows can have difficulty retaining manmade heat in the cool winter months. As a result, energy bills can skyrocket! By rejecting the sun’s heat, window film not only creates more comfortable temperatures but also lowers energy bills. For energy savings year-round, products like 3M Thinsulate Window Film can improve insulation to reject heat in the summer and retain it in the winter.

UV Protection

When we think of UV rays, we often only consider them before heading outdoors for a day at the beach or by the pool. However, did you know that UV rays can actually have an impact indoors as well? UV rays can enter through windows, causing furniture, floorings, and artwork to fade. Window film rejects up to 99% of UV rays, prolonging the life of furnishings and even protecting occupants’ skin. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window film as an effective UV protectant.

Increased Privacy

While windows allow views of the outdoors and provide natural lighting, this can also result in a lack of privacy. Traditional solutions like curtains are an option, but they compromise sunlight and views. Luckily, many window film options are specifically made to increase the privacy of your space. For instance, if you’d like privacy without eliminating sunlight, perhaps you choose a frosted decorative window film. On the other hand, if your end goal is enhanced privacy during the day, 3M Night Vision Window Film could be a solution.

Start Enjoying Benefits of Window Film

With window film, you can enjoy the benefits of windows while mitigating their disadvantages. There is a window film solution to meet the particular needs of your space, whether you require increased privacy, lower energy bills, improved comfort, and more. When it comes to homes and offices, the atmosphere is important! That’s why window film is the perfect solution to create a pleasant environment for occupants.

Carolina Solar Security is a 3M™ Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealer in Wilmington, NC. We have been providing North Carolina homeowners and business owners with window tinting solutions since 1985 and never stop working to bring our customers the best products paired with the most skilled window film technicians. Reach out to us for your free quote today! 

How Solar Control Film Can Help You Stay Cool This Summer + Additional Benefits

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Summer is almost here again, and it seems every year is a little bit hotter than the one before. Now is the perfect time to prepare our homes and offices so they’ll be cool and comfortable in the sweltering months ahead. While it sounds simple, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature can be challenging during the summer’s heatwaves. Infrared rays from the sun penetrate your glass windows and raise indoor temperatures, causing your AC system to work overtime. This temperature fluctuation results in costly energy bills, equipment issues, and repairs. Solar control film can help.

What Is Solar Control Film?

Solar control film counteracts issues caused by the sun, including heat, glare, and damage caused by UV rays. 3M™ Prestige Solar Control Window Films are top-quality films in this category. Made with patented technology, the film has 200-plus wafer-thin layers bonded together into sheets thinner than a sticky note. The films are durable, scratch-resistant, and designed to transmit plenty of natural light. They are non-metallic, so there’s nothing to corrode or interfere with device signals.

Here’s how these films address the main issues caused by the sun in the summertime in both homes and commercial properties.

Heat Rejection

Sun control window film’s temperature regulation is two-fold. First, it reduces the amount of solar heat that enters buildings through glass windows, doors, and skylights. 3M™ Sun Control Window Film, for instance, uses nano-technology to block out 97% of infrared light and reject up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows. Secondly, solar control film serves as an insulator, retaining more of the cool air generated by your air conditioning system. Not only will your home be more comfortable, but your AC unit will not have to work as hard to keep your home cool, resulting in lower energy costs and fewer HVAC repair bills.

Glare Reduction

Glare can be annoying, cause discomfort, and make it difficult to view the device screens we use every day, including the screens on televisions, computer monitors, laptops and desktop computers, smartphones, and cameras. The sun’s glare can block our views to the outside, interfere with our vision, and even result in eye strain and headaches.

3M™ Window Films have anti-glare properties that significantly reduce excessive glare. The 3M™ Prestige Series Films, for example, are constructed of hundreds of layers that precisely control light by reflecting certain wavelengths while letting others pass through. This film actually increases its performance as the sun’s angle increases, offering more glare protection when the sun is high and at its hottest.

UV Protection

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight is one of the greatest sources of damage to home interiors. When exposed to sunlight for extended periods, the sun’s UV rays will cause materials to fade, discolor, and deteriorate. These same UV rays also damage our skin, even through window glass. UV rays can cause our skin to wrinkle and age, in addition to increasing our chances of developing skin cancer. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, window glass effectively blocks UVB rays, but 50 percent or more of harmful UVA rays still penetrate through the glass.

Window film with UV protection reflects up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This layer of protection not only shields our skin but also extends the life of home and office furnishings.

Learn More About Solar Control Film

Prepare your windows for the impending summer heat with 3M Solar Control Window Film. When you invest in window film, you’re investing in comfort, energy efficiency, and sun protection. Contact the window tinting experts at Carolina Solar Security for a free quote and consultation!
Carolina Solar Security is a 3M™ Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealer in Wilmington, NC. We have been providing North Carolina homeowners and business owners with window tinting solutions since 1985 and never stop working to bring our customers the best products paired with the most skilled window film technicians. Reach out to us for your free quote today! 

Product Spotlight: 3M Night Vision Window Film

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Window film was first invented by 3M™ in 1966, and at the time, it was a ground-breaking achievement. Early window films used metal to deflect the heat. The higher the metal count, the more heat the film blocked and the more the film resembled a mirror. The film reflected the blinding sun during the day on the outside of buildings. From the inside, the film reflected the light from lamps and other fixtures preventing a clear view to the outdoors. Through decades of R&D and advancements in technology, 3M window films have come a long way since then. In fact, with 3M Night Vision Window Film, it’s easy to enjoy all the benefits of window film without an obstructed view, even at night.

Night Vision Window Film

Window film products of the past made interior spaces feel dark and closed in. But as technology advanced, a Night Vision Window Film was developed by 3M. This innovative, 3m one way window film day and night product,  maximizes sun control capabilities while toning down interior reflectivity. This allows for a much clearer view, especially at night when lamps are lit. Imagine reading a book in the evening while still seeing outside to enjoy the nighttime view. During the day, the film blocks damaging UV rays and heat while pleasant natural light flows in.

Saving Money and Staying Cool

3M Night Vision Window Film can reduce solar heat in an interior space up to 71%, helping to reduce air conditioning costs and keeping your home or office cool and comfortable. In addition to reducing heat and glare, Night Vision Films also block 99% of the sun’s harmful rays. As a result, this product can also save you money by extending the life of your furniture and floorings. UV light can fade everything from fabric to hardwood floors and permanently damage artwork and precious family photographs. By using Night Vision Window Film, you can eliminate the expense of costly window treatments and replacing faded furniture and rugs. This added layer of protection against the sun’s heat and damaging rays can also protect your family’s health, allowing people to sit anywhere they wish without worrying about sun exposure, eye discomfort, or glare.

The Night Vision Series

3M one way window film day and night comes in three shades — NV15, NV25, and NV35 — from darkest to lightest. On clear double pane windows, NV25 will reduce heat by 29%, glare by 72%, and UV light by 99%. Homeowners and businesses can select one of these three levels of protection to tailor a 3M™ film installation to their needs.

3M’s patented abrasion-resistant coating and innovative adhesives combine to give you an optical grade window film that resists peeling, bubbling, scratching, and abrasion for lifelong beauty and clarity. Today’s product is also color-stable, eliminating the tendency of older films to fade and yellow, thereby preserving the beauty of your windows both inside and out and providing a cleaner, more inviting look.

Want to Learn More About the 3M™ Night Vision Window Film Advantage?

Carolina Solar Security is a 3M Prestige Authorized Window Film Dealer in located in Wilmington, NC. We have been providing coastal North Carolina homeowners and business owners with quality window tinting solutions since 1985 and never stop working to bring our customers the best products paired with the most skilled window tint technicians. Reach out to us for your free quote today!

Sun Control Window Film Addresses Many Problems When It’s Hot Outside

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As summer draws nearer and with everyone spending more time at home, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how we’ll stay comfortable as temperatures heat up. Sun control window film can help.

Heat isn’t the only culprit that interferes with indoor comfort. There are actually several issues that cause issues during the hotter months. These issues include glare, hot spots, UV rays that cause fading and skin damage, and increased energy costs as we try to cool our homes and businesses.

Quality, professionally installed sun control window film is an affordable solution. The film addresses each of these sun-related challenges in homes and commercial spaces. 3M™ Sun Control Window Film Prestige Series is an excellent example. It’s one of the most popular films that we install for home and business owners. Let’s take a look at how this popular, high-end window film works.

How 3M Sun Control Window Film Prestige Series Works

This non-metalized, multi-layer specialty film uses nanotechnology to address several issues caused by the sun. Additionally, it works while still letting plenty of natural light filter in through your windows. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the darkening of your home or office interior. The film can be carbon negative in just a few short months after installation and is corrosion-resistant. Furthermore, it won’t interfere with signals or the appearance of your windows. Here’s how this film works to address common issues that interfere with indoor comfort in the summer.


Solar heat comes from two primary sources, the visible light you can see and the infrared light you can feel. Sun control window film addresses both sources of heat. The film rejects up to 97% of the sun’s infrared light and up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows. In addition, the film also serves as an insulator to hold more cool air generated by your HVAC inside.

Energy Costs

With window film working two ways — reducing heat coming through windows and holding more cool air inside — your cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard or as often. This translates to lower utility bills and reduced energy costs when it’s hot outside.


Glare can be annoying, cause discomfort, and also make it hard to see screens on televisions, computer monitors, laptops, smartphones, and cameras. In certain instances, glare can even cause physical problems like eye strain and headaches. The 3M™ Prestige Series Films reduces glare by precisely controlling which of the sun’s wavelengths it reflects and which it allows to pass through. The film actually increases its performance at a faster rate as the sun’s angle increases, offering more glare protection when the sun is high and at its brightest.

Damage from UV Rays

As sunlight streams through glass windows, glass doors, and skylights, it can cause hot spots, skin damage, and fading of furnishings. In fact, UV radiation from sunlight is one of the greatest sources of damage to home interiors. When any type of home or office furnishing is exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time, UV rays lead to fading, discoloration, and in some cases, deterioration. 3M Sun Control Window Film Prestige Series rejects up to 99.9% of the sun’s damaging UV rays to prevent hot spots around windows and skylights and to significantly reduce fading of your furnishings. Because it can extend the life of floors, furniture, and other décor, you don’t have to replace these items as often so you can save money. Window film with UV protection also protects our skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Sun Control Window Film Prestige Series’s Durability

3M Prestige Series films are durable with a hydrophobic hard coat that helps the exterior of the glass look cleaner. They resist peeling, bubbling, scratches, and abrasions. When professionally installed by an authorized 3M Prestige Dealer like Carolina Solar Security, these films are backed by a comprehensive multi-year warranty. Reach out to us today about a free consultation for your sun control window film installation!

Carolina Solar Security is a premium 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer in Wilmington, NC. We have been providing North Carolina homeowners and business owners with window tinting solutions since 1985 and never stop working to bring our customers the best products paired with the most skilled window film technicians. Reach out to us for your free quote today!

Want Natural Light Without Excessive Heat Gain, Glare, and Damaging UV Rays?

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Natural light not only brightens our living and work spaces, but research has shown that it actually makes us perform better and even provides health benefits by boosting our bodies’ Vitamin D levels. If you are considering adding window film to your home or office, you may worry that the film will prevent natural light from coming in and make these environments dark and unpleasant.

The good news is that if you use the right window film, you can keep a great deal of that beneficial natural light, while reducing some of the less desirable effects of the sun such as:

1) Excessive Heat

When it’s hot outside, window film can drastically reduce the heat of the sun coming through your windows. And when you choose the right film, you can still have lots of that glorious natural light. 3M™ Sun Control Window Film is a great example. It reduces the heat that comes in through windows by 50% or more so you can stay more comfortable inside.

2) UV Ray Damage

Sun cannot only damage our skin, but it can wreak havoc on our home and office furnishings all year-round. The sun’s UV rays can cause furniture, window treatments, carpet, and other interior décor to fade. Research estimates that it accounts for as much as 40% of fading damage of these objects. 3M window film blocks up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, protecting your valuable items so that they hold their colors longer.

3) Glare

While natural light is very beneficial to us, there are times when the glare from the sun affects our productivity. This is especially true when the sun is shining in our faces or creating glare on the surfaces we use day in and out, like computer, mobile device, and TV screens. Quality window film greatly reduces glare by redirecting the sun’s rays toward the ceiling, while still allowing a great deal of natural light to filter in.

What About Privacy?

You might assume that letting in more light will reduce your privacy, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are window films designed specifically to allow natural light in, while allowing you to see out, and at the same time, reducing the visibility of those who might want to see inside. 3M™ Sun Control Window Films, Night Vision™ Series offers enhanced views from the inside looking out, especially at night, while enhancing privacy with higher reflectivity for those on the outside wanting a view inside. This film still allows 15-35% of natural light into your rooms by day, while blocking up to 71% of the sun’s heat, significantly blocking harmful UV rays and reducing glare and eye discomfort. It is made of scratch-resistant coating to ensure clear visibility as well.

Some Window Film Is Designed to Increase Natural Light

While many 3M window films allow us to have lots of beneficial natural light, there are some newer window films that actually increase natural light in commercial and residential spaces. 3M™ Daylight Redirecting film for commercial use, for example, redirects as much as 80% of light coming into buildings, bringing natural light deeper inside. It helps to light rooms as deep as 40 feet from windows. This can reduce your dependence on electrical lighting for energy efficiency.

Carolina Solar Security is a premium 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer in Wilmington, NC. We have been providing North Carolina homeowners and business owners with window tinting solutions since 1985 and never stop working to bring our customers the best products paired with the most skilled window film technicians. Reach out to us for your free quote today!

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