Imagine you’re going about your regular day-to-day at the office. You’re sending emails, answering the phone, chatting by the proverbial water cooler when BAM! Some unlucky rock dove has mistaken your window for the wide-open sky, injuring themselves and damaging your glass window in the process.

Luckily, there’s a way to help our avian friends steer clear of closed windows: Bird Safety Window Film.


Why Birds Crash into Windows

What’s the deal with birds and windows? Since birds can’t tell us directly, we’ll have to go based on theory. It’s widely believed that birds simply get confused by reflections on glass windows during the daytime. If your window is reflecting the sky, they think they’re in the clear. If the reflection has vegetation, then they’re thinking about taking a seat or grabbing a snack. At night, nocturnal birds may crash into windows if they see a light inside the building.

It’s nice to know why birds crash into windows, but it doesn’t make it any less distressing when it happens. Thankfully, businesses in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and surrounding areas can count on Carolina Solar Security to find a bird safety window film solution that actually works.


How Bird Film Works

Traditionally, companies relied on fritted glass to deter birds from crashing into windows. If you’re not in the know, fritted glass is just regular glass with fine pours throughout. These pours allow liquid and gas to escape through the glass, reduces glare, and cuts cooling costs. But this unique product has one major drawback – the cost. A single pane of fritted glass can cost between $15 and $70!

Instead of breaking the bank to get fritted glass, businesses in Fayetteville, NC rely on bird safety window film solutions.

It might be hard to imagine how something as simple as window film can protect your building and birds in one flow swoop, but it really is possible! Bird safety window film is constructed from durable materials and designed to deter birds from flying into reflective glass by mimicking the look of fritted glass.

Both bird film and fritted glass make it possible for birds to see a reflection in a window and recognize it for what it is. With your


The Hidden Branding Benefits of Bird Film

With over one million birds meeting their maker by flying into windows a year, it just makes sense to invest in a window film that will protect you, them, and your building.

But the benefits of bird film don’t end with safety. As always, we have to consider the style factor. Bird safety window film comes in either dotted or striped patterns. While it might not seem like much, the simple, understated look of these window films add just the right amount of style to any space.

There’s also the sheer fact that bird deterring window films still offer the same heat and light reflection you’ve come to expect. That means you can protect the birds in your area, block UV rays, reject heat, and save on energy costs all at once.


Your Certified Fayetteville, NC Bird-Friendly Window Film Installer

When looking for a provider of bird safety film in Fayetteville, NC, you need to make sure you are working with the best. Look for an experienced, certified window film dealer.

Carolina Solar Security is a 3M Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealer in Wilmington, NC. That’s just an hour and a half away! We’ve been providing home and business owners with bird deterring window film solutions that work since 1985. And now that we’re powered by AP Corp, we’re able to provide our customers with more solutions than ever before.

Interested in finding a solution to protect birds and your building? Reach out to Carolina Solar Security for a free quote!

By Published On: May 13, 2022

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