Don’t Let Hurricanes Smash Your Windows – Protect Them With Hurricane Safety Window Film


What happens when your home’s windows are smashed to smithereens by the powerful winds of a hurricane? Water leaks in, and unless you have more than one set of replacement windows, you’re stuck waiting for them to be delivered. Plus, your home is exposed to the elements until the window replacement can be carried out. If you want to protect your home from hurricanes and strong storms, consider adding 3M security window film onto your existing windows instead of replacing them with new ones.

Carolina Solar Security values the safety of our community here in North Carolina. Our team understands that informed preparation leads to solutions. It should come as no surprise that North Carolina has Extreme Storms and Hurricanes that put our community in at risk.

Our top tips on making your home safer in a hurricane

First and foremost, you should make sure you have hurricanes on your radar this hurricane season. If you know when one is coming, you have time to identify proper shelter, gather some essentials, and establish an evacuation plan if necessary.

Still, one of the best ways to stay ready for bad weather is to install security film before there is a threat. Staying safe during hurricane season is all about preparedness. You need to prepare your windows for the inevitable storm by using Hurricane Security Window Films by 3M. This will prevent water damage and keep windows from breaking, which could be a serious safety issue.

Why install hurricane safety film

Hurricanes are powerful, but your windows don’t have to be weak points in your storm-safety plan. Hurricane security film can protect your glass from the force of a hurricane by stopping projectile glass shards and slowing water leaks and damage.

A 3M Certified Installation Professionals, like those at Carolina Solar Security, will help you find a hurricane safety film solution that fits your needs, property, and budget. We can also provide guidance on where hurricane safety window film will offer protection, and explain why it’s often part of a broader hurricane preparation plan.

The ways hurricane safety film helps you stay safe

The high winds of a hurricane can easily send projectiles that break your windows. The right window film will hold those glass shards together, which means glass will not be flying through your home at dangerous speeds.

It’s not just wind, either; the water from hurricanes is dangerous. It could contain chemicals from pollution and dirt from erosion. This water could also damage your electronics, leaving you at risk for electrical fires down the line.

These can damage your property in ways you never thought possible, but you can do something about it. Hurricane security window film is a protective barrier that is applied to your windows so they’ll be safe during storms. It prevents water damage and other hazards caused by hurricanes, strong storms, and flying debris.

Carolina Solar Security’s Quick Hurricane Safety Guide

We realize that was a lot of content to reach through, so we prepared a quick guide for you below. Our guide will help you prepare for a storm and stay safe with essential tips. Read on to stay ready, and contact us if you’re ready to increase your home’s resilience in storms.

Hurricane Precaution Pre-Planning Action List:

  • Install hurricane safety window film that will keep windows from shattering.
  • Make sure all forms of transportation has an adequate amount of gas
  • Plan for an emergency evacuation course
  • Use media outlets as a form of live updates of the storm

Hurricane Precaution Pre-Planning Supply List

A well-stocked and secured home is crucial during severe weather. A family’s supply list should focus on:

  • Nourishment: Water, Non-perishable food
  • Energy: Gasoline, Batteries, Generator
  • Safety: Flashlights, First-aid kit, Rope, Medicine
  • Cleanliness: Toilet paper, Sanitizer

The Arrival of the Storm: Safety Tips

  • Track the storm location using a form of social media or media outlets
  • Find shelter in a basement, closet or bathroom (anywhere away from windows)
  • Stand away from windows
  • Save battery life of all technological items

We hope this article has helped you gather pertinent information regarding your and your family’s safety during this Hurricane Season.

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A Hole-In-One at UNC Pembroke


Since joining the AP Corp family earlier this year, Carolina Solar Security has had a lot of amazing opportunities presented. One of our favorites is the chance to expand our services to include commercial graphics. And guess what? We’ve officially completed our first installation-a wall mural at UNC Pembroke. Read on to learn more about how AP, Carolina Solar Security, and UNC Pembroke are working together to create beautiful custom spaces.


Before we tell you all about the work we’ve done with UNC Pembroke, we want to tell you a little more about the university itself. Located in north Pembroke, North Carolina, UNC Pembroke is a public master’s level degree-granting university and part of the University of North Carolina system.

The university offers its students hundreds of pathways to undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as small class sizes. And as far as campus life goes, students have a variety of activities they can take part in. But, as is usually the case with college kids, students bond over cheering for the university’s NCAA Division II sports teams.

Our History with UNC Pembroke

While this is Carolina Solar Security’s first 3M commercial graphics project, it’s one of many UNC Pembroke installations for AP Corp. Beginning in 2019, AP and UNC Pembroke have worked together to create three different high-impact wall murals. These include a massive mural 42-foot mural in their gymnasium, a hallway mural showing snippets of the campus culture, and a conference room in their athletic building. Each wall mural at UNC Pembroke has been the visual embodiment of the UNCP Athletics Department’s spirit, values, and victory.

This year, UNC Pembroke reached out to AP and Carolina Solar Security for yet another vinyl wall mural featuring their school’s athletic excellence. But this time we got to do something a little different. We installed this custom printed mural in their newly renovated golf team locker room.

On the Green with UNC Pembroke

Let it be known that UNCP doesn’t do anything in halves, and this locker room is no exception. Yes, it has all the usual accommodations, but they took this project a couple of steps further. They put in a literal putting green, turf and all. They contacted us in May 20222 to add a little bit of scenery and bring some personality to the space.

This scenery was a 32-foot mural of a golf course featuring real UNCP golfers, the team’s name, and their mascot logo. Printed on 3M IJ 180, a 3M printed graphics material perfect for interiors and completed with a matte laminate, the mural adds a unique and inspiring backdrop to the unique interior features of the room.

The VIP Treatment

For a project as unique and large as this, we decided to pull out the big guns and give UNCP the VIP treatment. The installation was completed by Carolina Solar Security’s Partner and Regional Operations Director, Luke McLawhorn. And at his side was AP Corp’s CEO and founder, Bill Valway.

That’s right, Carolina Solar Security and AP Corp both sent their #1 guys to get this job done, and their expertise really shows. A 32-foot mural can be a challenge for anyone to install, but this project included a couple of intricacies that would through other graphics professionals for a loop. These included the electrical outlets and a protruding electrical box. While some companies would have left these out of the installation, we wrapped them to preserve the mural’s immersive effect.

Make Your Vision a Reality

Commercial Graphics can be a game-changer for any space. From the lackluster walls of a typical office to the plain white walls in a gym. They can bring people together, build team spirit, and inspire anyone to go all-out. At Carolina Solar Security we pride ourselves on delivering the best to our clients.  We are a one-stop shop that can design, print, and install your vision.

Carolina Solar Security is a certified installer of commercial graphics in the coastal Carolina region that offers turnkey solutions. Get in touch with us today to see how we can incorporate impactful commercial graphics into your North Carolina business.

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A New Era at Carolina Solar Security


A lot has changed at Carolina Solar Security this year, and all for the better. But we don’t want to leave anyone out of the loop. So, here we are, giving you an update on what’s been going on with us and what this new era at Carolina Solar Security means for the future. Read on to learn about our new structure, services, and website.

How This All Started

If you are a long-time client of our business, you may know that we were founded by U.S. Armed Forced Veteran John Norwood and have proudly served Wilmington, North Carolina since 1985. John dedicated his professional life to serving this community, providing energy-saving and security-improving window film solutions to home and business owners alike.

In 2021, John Norwood decided it was time to retire and began exploring ways to make sure the company continued to grow after his departure. Then, through a mutual connection to Manny Hondroulis, 3M’s Vice President of Energy Products Distribution, John met AP Corp’s CEO Bill Valway. After some months of discussion and negotiation, AP Corp finalized its acquisition of Carolina Solar Security, bringing the company into the AP family.

A lot has changed at Carolina Solar Security this year, and all for the better. But we don’t want to leave anyone out of the loop. So, here we are, giving you an update on what’s been going on with us and what this new era at Carolina Solar Security means for the future. Read on to learn about our new structure, services, and website.

About AP Corp

The AP Corp journey began in 2001 as a one-man auto tint shop in a residential garage. Over the years, our CEO identified related services and expanded the company’s capabilities. It started with additional auto services before moving into residential window tinting. Before long, AP Corp was expanding to commercial window tinting and even commercial graphics like wall mural sand building wraps.

Today, AP Corp is the 7th largest window film and graphics provider in the nation. We are proud of the company we’ve built, and we are especially proud to have built a company that John Norwood would trust with the organization he was so devoted to.

New People

First, our aforementioned CEO, Bill Valway. By now, you are more than familiar with his extensive work as the founder of AP Corp. Under his leadership, the company has been recognized in the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America list three times and has been named Window Film Magazine’s Top Dealer for 5-years running. While running our growing business, he is also the Co-Owner of 44Tools, a company offering the most comprehensive group of window film installation tools in the world.

Next, we’d like to introduce you to Chris Fong. Chris joined the team in 2011 as a graphic designer, and everything just snowballed from there. He quickly mastered the graphic design game, dominated in sales as the Director of Sales, and then learned to install every product we offer, and then became the most certified 3M installer on the East Coast.

Finally, there’s Luke McLawhorn, your go-to guy for everything Carolina Solar Security. Luke is a born and raised North Carolinian with a military background. He is a 3M certified window film installer who joined our team in 2018. With our acquisition of Carolina Solar Security, Luke has become a partner in our business.

New Products

Alright, we’re really excited about this one. Carolina Solar Security now offers 3M commercial graphics solutions to business owners throughout North Carolina!

If you’re unfamiliar, commercial graphics can include just about every kind of custom-designed building application imaginable. At Carolina Solar Security, commercial graphics can include everything from window graphics to wall murals. We can help you direct foot traffic with custom floor graphics or make a splash in the community with a full building wrap.

What makes Carolina Solar Security stand out amongst other vendors offering commercial graphics is our unique, turnkey solutions. We’re not one of those companies that just take your money and leave you to sort out the details. Instead, we offer professional graphic design options with our award-winning graphic design team. Then, we handle all the project management and coordination for you. This way, you don’t have to waste time juggling relationships with multiple vendors. You can just sit back and do what you do best, run your business.

New Website

If you’re reading this, then you already noticed that we have launched a new website. As we said, this is a new era for Carolina Solar Security. And a new era deserves a modernization of our technology.

But this redesign isn’t just about looks, it’s about the experience. We wanted to highlight the positive changes our company is experiencing by making the user experience on our website better. We have made it easier for you to get the information you need and get in touch when you have questions.

Since this website is so new, we encourage and invite you to deliver your feedback. As we grow, we will need your input to become the top window film and graphics provider out there.

What’s Next for Carolina Solar Security

So, what’s next in the new era for Carolina Solar Security? Well, we’re going to continue to grow throughout the coastal Carolina region. The first step will, of course, be growing our team of 3M certified installers to assist our clients in the most timely and efficient manner.

For those who have been here from the beginning, thank you. You’ve helped us get so far and we hope you will stay with us as we grow.

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