Exterior Building Wraps

Want to draw a crowd? Carolina Solar Security offers custom exterior building wraps that simply can’t be ignored.

Carolina Solar Security is a 3M™ certified prestige dealer that has served businesses in North Carolina since 1985. From Fayetteville to Wilmington and beyond, we’re here to help with your commercial graphics needs.

Draw a Crowd

Billboards are a marketing method of the past; wrap your building’s exterior in vinyl instead! Exterior wraps are a durable, high-impact way to attract new customers, promote an event, and establish your brand. There really is no better way to leave a lasting impression than by wrapping your building’s exterior.

End-to-End Project Management

We know you’re busy, that’s why offer turnkey graphics solutions that work for you. Carolina Solar Security offers end-to-end project management services. We’ll design, print, and handle all project coordination for you. Building wrap projects have never been so easy!

In-House Graphics Design

Don’t be intimidated by an exterior building wrap project! It’s a large undertaking, literally, but we have you covered. Carolina Solar Security is here to support you through the design process of your building wrap project. We offer in-house design services from leading creative minds so you can let your imagination run wild!

Professional Installation

Exterior vinyl building wraps go up quickly, and we can remove them just as easily. That means your business will experience minimal disruptions while your new wrap is installed.

Whether you want to enhance your branding, add style, or just make a statement, Carolina Solar Security has you covered. Consult with Carolina Solar Security to see how we can incorporate striking branded messages with exterior building wraps.

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