Printed Wall Murals

Why paint? It’s so much easier to print. Carolina Solar Security offers custom-designed printed wall murals that enhance the look of your interior.

Carolina Solar Security is a window film and commercial graphics company that has served businesses in North Carolina since 1985. From St. James to Jacksonville and beyond, we’re here to help with your architectural finishing needs.

Limitless Design Opportunities

You can let your imagination run wild at Carolina Solar Security. With our staff of professional graphic designers, the sky is the limit. Show us a photo of something that inspires you or tell us about your 100% original idea for printed wall murals and we will bring it to life.

Branding Your Space

You’ve spent a long time defining your brand, use custom-designed, printed wall murals to bring it to life! The blank walls of your commercial space are the perfect place to bring your brand in-house. It will make you more memorable to customers and unify your staff behind a shared mission.

Know What You’re Getting

You could hire an artist to come out to your location and hand-paint a mural, but who has time for that? Plus, you won’t know what your mural will look like until it’s already done! Take control of your mural project by installing a professionally designed, printed mural. You’ll see and approve a proof before installation day, which means no buyer’s remorse!

Professional Installation

Carolina Solar Security is staffed by certified installers and experienced graphic designers who can get your project done quickly. We can install your new mural in a fraction of the time it would take to paint without causing major disruption to your day-to-day. Consult with Carolina Solar Security to see how we can incorporate wall murals in your space.

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