Over one million burglaries happen in America every year. Of those, more than half involve forcible entry. Residential properties are by far the most targeted, with most burglaries occurring during the daytime. Although most people are lucky enough to never experience a home intruder, there’s always a small chance that it could happen to you. But when you’re at home, you shouldn’t have to worry about what-if scenarios. You should always feel safe and protected in your own home. If you don’t feel safe, here are some simple ways to strengthen home privacy and security:

  • Install a Home Security System
  • Put Up a Privacy Fence
  • Add Window Treatments
  • Invest in Window Film for Home Privacy & Security

Install a Home Security System

One way to foster an increased sense of privacy and safety around your home is installing a home security system. Having an alarm system can help you feel more secure in your own home, especially if you’re alone. When paired with video surveillance, it can add more complete coverage to give you a feeling of full protection. However, these systems can be pricey and may require subscribing to a monitoring service as well.

Put Up a Privacy Fence

Neighborhoods are great for fostering a feeling of community, but they can often lack that sense of privacy. If you live in a subdivision or other area where the houses are close together, it can feel like you’re constantly living under a magnifying glass. Privacy fences not only can give you peace of mind by enhancing privacy, but they can also deter people from accessing your property.

Add Window Treatments

Windows are one of the easiest ways people see inside your home. Leaving windows exposed without any blinds, shades, or curtains could potentially allow burglars to scope out your house for valuables beforehand. By adding window treatments, you can improve privacy to keep onlookers from peering in when you’re not at home.

Invest in Window Film for Home Privacy & Security

What if there was a simpler way to improve home privacy and security that only required a thin layer of film? 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film applies to flat glass to delay intrusions, and frosted or reflective films can improve home privacy.

An Invisible Layer of Protection

3M™ Safety & Security Film not only makes glass more difficult to penetrate, but it also holds it together if it were to shatter. By making it more challenging to break through the glass, this window film delays intrusion and could potentially deter a burglary altogether. Even just having a few extra minutes can give you enough time to escape and call for help. When incidents like these occur, every single second counts.

Safety window film also helps prevent injuries associated with broken glass, making it beneficial protection to have in case of accidents or natural disasters. Flying shards of glass are not just hazardous but potentially deadly. Even though window film is practically invisible, it can add another layer of protection to your home. Plus, you can pair window film with any of the suggestions above for more comprehensive protection.

A Cloak of Privacy

Window film can also help create privacy for your home. While there are certainly clear varieties that will leave your windows’ appearance virtually unchanged, frosted and mirror films are also available for those who want to obscure views into their home. Something to keep in mind is that the privacy provided by reflective films is dependent on lighting conditions. If it is dark outside and you have lights on inside your home, people can still see through your windows. However, when it’s brighter outside than inside, the film provides a one-way mirror effect. On the other hand, frosted film offers privacy at all times. With a wide variety of patterns, textures, and opacities available, you can tailor the visibility and natural light transmission to your requirements.

You Deserve to Feel Protected

By investing in the privacy and security of your home, you’re enhancing your quality of life. If you’d like to learn more about the best window film for accomplishing your goals, contact the window tinting experts at Carolina Solar Security!

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By Published On: November 16, 2022

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