3M Prestige Series Window Film is a high-performance film designed to keep building occupants cool, comfortable, and protected. This superior film offers superb protection from the sun’s heat, fading, and glare. At the same time, it allows for clear vision, improves indoor comfort, and preserves building aesthetics. The film is durable, scratch-resistant, and resists peeling. It’s perfect for long-term applications for both residential and commercial buildings.

The multilayer-design of Prestige Series Window Film is based on nanotechnology. The film is very thin — about as thick as a sticky note — yet it’s composed of more than 200 transparent, alternating layers of super-thin acrylic and polyester. These multiple layers make the film highly effective at providing solar protection, while transmitting a high percentage of the sun’s natural light.

Why consider window film for reducing solar heat indoors? Window film is more affordable for improving building and home comfort than alternatives like retrofitting or replacing HVAC units. It also doesn’t have the drawbacks like window treatments that block light, leaving a dark and dreary interior.

Why the Prestige Series Is Better

Prestige Series Window Film is unique because of the precision it uses to control light waves as they pass through or reflect off its many layers. It actually performs at a faster rate as the sun’s angle increases. Therefore, it provides the highest protection from the sun when it’s at its hottest.

This spectrally-selective film blocks up to 97% of the sun’s infrared light and up to 60% of the heat coming through windows. In addition, it blocks up to 99.9% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that cause glare and fading of interior furnishings. And it does all this with little impact on the amount of visible light you see.

Prestige Series Film Is Metal-Free

Unlike conventional metalized films, Prestige Series Window Film is metal-free. Therefore, it won’t cause interference with mobile phones and other wireless signals indoors. The lack of metal in the film also prevents it from corroding. It also results in a less reflective surface that helps preserve the natural look of windows.

In fact, this film is less reflective than plain window glass, which enhances your views. Because the film has less reflectivity than untinted windows, it can even improve the aesthetics of your home or commercial building’s exterior by eliminating an unwanted mirror effect. This can actually increase property values.

Immediate Energy Savings 

Keeping interiors cool in the summer with window film means less energy consumption. This translates to immediate savings on your first energy bill after installation, plus ongoing savings month after month when it’s hot. And because the film is designed to reflect proportionally more of the sun’s energy at high solar altitudes, there’s hardly any noticeable heat reduction during the colder months.

Prestige Series Window Film For Residential Use

Glass windows help make your home beautiful and inviting. However, sunlight can create excessive heat and expose your family and possessions to damaging UV rays. Let in the light but keep out the heat and damaging UV rays without impacting your home’s look or your view with Prestige Series Window Film. The film can be combined with the benefits of safety and security film in our Ultra Prestige Series to help protect your family. The film is ideal for glass windows and doors, skylights, sunrooms, and more.

Prestige Series Window Film For Commercial Use

Excessive heat from sunlight can increase energy costs and negatively affect the comfort of your tenants or employees. This impacts everything from worker retention and tenant turnover to your bottom line. Isn’t it time to explore the many benefits that Prestige Series Window Film has to offer? When professionally installed for commercial applications, 3M backs this film with a 15-year warranty.

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By Published On: July 17, 2020

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