Custom Wallpaper

Instead of getting the same wallpaper as everyone else, design and install custom wallpaper with Carolina Solar Security. You can have all the architectural benefits of wallpaper with trendy, personalized designs to fit just right.

Limitless Design

This isn’t your grandmother’s wallpaper, it’s wallpaper on your terms. Carolina Solar Security has the resources required to design and print personalized wallpaper for any space, style, and brand. Show us a photo that inspires you, or describe something completely original. Whatever the design, our team of graphic designers can make it a reality.


Carolina Solar Security performs maintenance on our industry-leading printers on a bi-weekly basis. That means our printers are always expertly calibrated to give your custom wallpaper a uniform look. If you need new prints in the next five, 10, or 100 years, we can simply print more to look exactly the same.

The Future of Interior Design

Wallpaper was all the rage a few decades ago, but with only a few repetitive patterns available fell out of favor. With technological advancements making it possible to design and print custom patterns, wallpaper is making a comeback! Carolina Solar Security can help you stay on the cutting edge of interior design trends by providing custom wallpaper at a fair, honest price.

Whether you want to enhance your branding, add style, or just make a statement, Carolina Solar Security has you covered. Consult with Carolina Solar Security to see how we can incorporate custom wallpaper into your space today.

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