Floor Graphics

Direct foot traffic, share a promotion, add style, and extend your brand with floor graphics from Carolina Solar Security. Carolina Solar Security is a 3M certified prestige dealer that has served businesses in North Carolina since 1985. From Fayetteville to Wilmington and beyond, we’re here to help with your commercial graphics needs.

Durable Materials

You don’t need to worry about your floor graphics getting destroyed by heavy foot traffic with Carolina Solar Security. We use industry-leading materials and multi-layer installation to make sure your high-impact graphics stand the test of time. So, you can trust that your graphics will draw the eye and direct your patrons for years to come.

Direct Traffic

You know your facility like the back of your hand, but your customers don’t! Don’t let wayfinding become a major issue in your space. Take action by contacting us for a free consultation. We’ll help you find out how to incorporate floor graphics that will help your visitors find their way.

Expand Your Brand

Effective signage comes in many forms, but nothing is as impactful as floor graphics. Floors are a major part of a customer’s vision when they enter your space, making your floor uncharted branding territory. Use this blank space to make an impact that your visitors can’t miss and won’t forget.

Whether you want to enhance your branding, add style, or just make a statement, Carolina Solar Security has you covered. Consult with Carolina Solar Security to see how we can incorporate custom graphics into your business.

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