When you think about residential window tinting benefits, images of bathroom windows and shower doors in frosted and decorative patterns may come to mind. While it’s true that window tinting comes in an extensive variety of styles and patterns to complement every home exterior or décor, window film provides many useful functions. Wondering if it’s worth the investment? Here are five residential window tinting benefits that deliver immense value:

1 – Temperature Control

Residential window tinting works to improve the comfort level in homes by regulating the temperature inside. It lets in plenty of natural light while reflecting a significant amount of the sun’s heat. When it’s hot outside, window film helps keep the home cooler by reflecting infrared rays. This allows the cooling system to run less often, reducing energy costs by as much as 30%. During the winter, the extra layer of insulation that window tinting adds to windows helps to hold heat inside, also translating to energy savings. To keep everyone inside even more comfortable, window tinting also reduces cold and hot spots around glass windows, doors, and skylights.

2 – Glare Reduction

Window tinting can greatly reduce annoying glare inside your home, making it easier to see the view outside. With less glare, it’s also more pleasant to sit near or in front of windows when it’s sunny outside. Additionally, watching television, working on your computer, and viewing your smartphone screen near sunny windows is easier with window film.

3 – UV Protection

Window tinting blocks a significant percentage of the sun’s harmful UV rays. UV rays can damage human skin, and also fade and cause valuable home furnishings and belongings to deteriorate. By filtering out up to 99% of UV light, window film prevents sun damage to your family’s skin and your home’s interior.

4 – Privacy

Residential window tinting has many applications for improving privacy. Whether you want to block passersby from seeing inside your home or whether you want to create privacy within different areas of your home, window film provides an effective solution. For example, frosted film on glass surfaces such as interior doors can help to divide rooms. Similarly, applying decorative film to glass panel inlays in cabinet doors can obscure the items inside.

5 – Safety & Security

Window tinting adds extra layers of material to windows. These additional layers of protection make glass windows and doors harder to shatter and more difficult for criminals to gain entry. Because glass is held intact by the film, it also takes intruders more time to enter windows after they’re broken, which buys those inside valuable time to get out or call for help. If windows are broken by accident or during a bad storm, window tinting also helps to reduce or prevent injuries caused by spraying glass because it holds the broken glass in place.

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By Published On: January 27, 2020

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