Glass is one of the most leveraged materials in modern commercial buildings. It provides beneficial daylighting, connects us to the great outdoors, and makes spaces feel open and airy. Glass can enhance the beauty of a space, highlight architectural features, and more. However, high-end textured glass carries a hefty price tag. Installing it is also disruptive, as this requires the existing glass to be replaced.

On the other hand, decorative film, also known as decorative glass finishes or frosted film, can mimic the look of etched and sandblasted glass at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, it works on existing surfaces so there’s less hassle and office downtime. With countless textures, patterns, and opacities to choose from, it’s easily customizable to meet your requirements. A professional installer like Carolina Solar Security can also replace the film as often as you like without damaging glass surfaces. Here are five interesting ways to make a big impact with decorative film in your commercial building, hotel, restaurant, office, or retail space.

1 – Use Decorative Film to Create Visual Interest

Decorative film can breathe new life into your lobby, storefront, or workspaces. With numerous patterns, styles, and opacities to choose from, your only limit is your imagination. Need some ideas? We’re happy to work with you to make your vision a reality with a customized decorative film solution. The 3M™ Fasara and Crystal series are popular choices for our customers. These decorative films transform glass into frosted, crystalized, or texturized patterns, giving the same look as more expensive glass.

2 – Highlight Areas You Want to Stand Out

To create visual focal points in your commercial space, DICHROIC glass finishes are a great option. Depending on the viewing angle and the lighting, this film can take on a new color that really makes a space stand out in a unique and engaging way. Available in both warm and cool tones, this film can be printed, cut, patterned, or bent. It’s installable on both exterior windows and interior glass surfaces to add visual interest while still allowing for privacy and sun control.

3 – Reinforce Your Brand

As an alternative to traditional signage, decorative window film is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. Plus, it doesn’t require maintenance like other signage. For branding, use this film to display your business name or your logo. Natural light provides free illumination; no electricity required! By integrating your brand into existing windows, glass doors, or glass walls, you’ll easily promote your brand while maintaining a streamlined appearance and saving money.

4 – Enhance Privacy or Hide Areas from Public View

Decorative window film efficiently creates a sense of privacy in busy open spaces. Use it on glass partitions and walls to divide areas. Another popular application is to place an opaque strip at eye level on the glass walls of conference and meeting rooms. This provides just enough coverage so that those inside don’t feel like they’re on display to passersby. Yet, the rooms still retain that open feeling with plenty of natural light.

For spaces that require more privacy like dressing rooms, study areas, and bathrooms, decorative film can be installed on glass doors or entire walls. With decorative film, it’s easy to strike a good balance between openness and privacy with many different opacity levels to choose from. Opaque decorative film can also be very effective at hiding areas that you don’t want the public to see. Examples include stock rooms, places where sensitive files or data are stored, and maintenance areas.

5 – Boost Security and Safety

In addition to creating a beautiful aesthetic, decorative film can also enhance security. By limiting visibility into your commercial space, would-be criminals are less likely to detect behavioral patterns of occupants, preventing them from formulating thorough break-in plans. Furthermore, you can combine decorative film with 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film Exterior Safety Series, adding protective layers to windows and glass doors. These layers make it harder to penetrate the glass upon impact, deterring crime and protecting your property during storms and break-in attempts. If the glass breaks, the strong adhesive that bonds the film to the glass, holding the glass intact. This helps to protect building occupants and furnishings from flying glass shards and outdoor elements.

Want to Learn More About Decorative Film?

Both functional and beautiful, decorative glass finishes offer enhanced privacy and aesthetics in your commercial space. Whether you want to showcase your brand or foster privacy, there is a decorative film to meet your needs. Allow the window tinting experts at Carolina Solar Security to help you find your perfect match.

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By Published On: October 28, 2020

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