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Four Changes That Can Increase Employee Productivity

Regardless of your industry, finding ways to increase employee productivity can be challenging, especially with so many distractions in the workplace. Sometimes relatively small changes in the work environment can make a big difference. Here are four improvements you can implement in offices and other workspaces for a boost in employee productivity.

1) Improve Comfort with Window Film

Commercial window film can make your workplace more comfortable, and employees accomplish more when provided with a comfortable, pleasant work environment. Window film adds comfort in several different ways:

  1. Regulating temperature by filtering out the sun’s hot UV rays, and reducing hot and cold spots near windows.
  2. Reducing annoying glare that can make it difficult for employees to see computer screens, monitors, and other electronic devices.
  3. Adding privacy to areas where employees need to concentrate or hold meetings.
  4. Enhancing the aesthetics of your office, making it a more inviting place for your employees to work.

As an added bonus, window film is not only an inexpensive way to improve your workspace. You might also see lower energy bills as well.

2) Increase Natural Light

Adding interior glass walls can optimize the flow of natural light through workspaces. Adding more exterior windows, enhanced with window film, is another great way to let more natural light in without raising temperatures. Daylight redirecting film helps sunlight reach further into a space by directing it toward the ceiling. This simultaneously reduces glare across computer screens, further improving employee comfort. Light, especially natural light, has been proven to boost productivity at work. In fact, a study published in Psychology Today compared workers in windowless offices to those in an office with natural light, concluding that exposure to sunlight affected not only performance, but also sleep quality and overall quality of life.

3) Replace Old Office Furniture

Providing office furniture designed with ergonomics in mind that you can adjust for different sizes of workers can positively impact employee comfort and productivity. Are your desks and chairs worn or no longer adjust properly? Maybe it’s a good time to consider shopping for new furniture.

4) Clean the Air

According to separate research studies by both Harvard and Syracuse universities, employees were more productive and called in sick less often when they breathed cleaner air. Therefore, installing new air ducts or air purifiers can be a good investment when looking for ways to increase employee productivity.

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