Hurricane season is underway and we are having frequent thunderstorms. We thought it was a great time to explain how window film can protect windows from storms. The official 2020 hurricane season began on June 1st, and so far it’s been a tumultuous one. Nine tropical storms formed prior to the beginning of August for the first time on record. Combine the hurricanes with the intense thunderstorms that typically occur on a regular basis during summer, and there seems to always be some kind of storm to worry about this time of the year through the fall. After all, hurricane season isn’t over until November 30th.

Can Window Film Really Protect Windows from Storms?

Not only can window film protect windows from storms, but it can also protect the people inside your home or business as well as your property and belongings. Premium window film in the 3M™ Ultra Series of Safety and Security Window Film, for example, performs much better than standard polyester films in blast and impact events. This premium film features alternating micro-layers of super-thin film and adhesive that are tear-resistant. It makes windows stronger against threats like tree limbs, flying debris, and wind.

Windows protected with premium window film hold broken shards of glass intact upon impact. This helps protect occupants inside from shards of sharp flying glass, one of the most common causes of injuries and fatalities in storms.  Premium 3M window film has a strong bond that holds glass fragments together even if a window cracks or breaks. For optimum strength, Impact Protection Attachment Systems anchor the glass and film to the window frame. This helps prevent the glass pane from dislodging and becoming airborne due to changes in pressure and strong winds. 3M™ Ultra Series of Safety and Security Window Films were tested at simulated wind speeds up to 170 mph.

Window Film Helps Protect Your Property & Belongings

It’s heartbreaking to see TV footage of people’s homes and businesses that have been damaged during storms. Sometimes they lose everything. Windows film effectively reduces storm damage by holding windows intact and in the window frame even if an object like a tree limb breaks through the glass. This helps keep water, wind, and debris out of the home or building.

While we’re not saying that window film can prevent all damage from catastrophic events, it certainly adds another layer of protection to your home or business that protects your windows and the people and belongings inside. Unlike plywood window coverings that you must scramble to install before each storm, window film provides a passive means of protection. Additionally, it’s a much more affordable option than installing high-impact glass or storm shutters. Contact Carolina Solar Security for more information about how window film can help protect against storm damage.

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By Published On: August 17, 2020

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