With all that’s been going on in America this year, many small business owners are taking extra precautions to protect their offices, buildings, and other facilities. Adding security personnel and security systems can be effective but also come at a hefty price. 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film can add an extra layer of protection to glass windows, the most vulnerable feature of any commercial building, without breaking the bank. Glass windows and doors reinforced with this thick multi-layered polyester film help to protect buildings from intruders, vandalism, storms, and even explosions.

If you need it in a hurry, professionals like Carolina Solar Security can install security window film quickly with little disruption to your business operations. Additionally, this security solution works without obstructing views, blocking healthy natural light, or changing your building’s appearance. In fact, no one will likely even notice the film is there.

4 Scenarios to Show How Security Window Film Can Protect Your Business

1 – The Intruder / Smash-and-Grab Burglar

A burglar wants to get into your building. They see a side window and think it’s an easy entry point. The burglar isn’t aware that the building’s windows are protected with 3M Security Window Film, so they hit the glass with an object expecting the window to break easily. To their surprise, the pieces of fractured glass remain adhered together. They realize that the commotion they’re making may alert someone, so they abandon their break-in attempt.

Windows with 3M Security Window Film may take up to 2 minutes for intruders to penetrate. That’s because the strong adhesive that adheres the film to the glass holds the glass fragments together. As a result, the unexpected struggle is a strong deterrent for an intruder who thought they’d found an easy, fast way to get inside. After all, the criminal does not know that window film reinforces the window because of its high optical clarity. The additional time it takes them to gain entry gives those inside valuable time to seek help, hide, or flee.

2 – The Severe Storm

A severe storm with heavy winds is brewing. Small tree limbs and other debris fly through the air, hitting against your building’s exterior; thankfully, your windows are fortified by security window film. This added protection makes it harder for debris, tree limbs, and other items to puncture windows during the storm.

If a window breaks during a severe storm, the film helps maintain your windows’ structural integrity. It holds glass intact to minimize injury from flying shards of glass, and it helps to keep out water and debris that can damage furnishings, equipment, and inventory.

3 – The Vandal

A vandal is looking for an easy target to make a lasting impression. They pick up a rock or a bottle and throw it from afar, then run. Fortunately, your windows strengthened with security window film deflect the airborne object.

Depending on the force with which the vandal throws the object, the window’s glass may still shatter. However, the film will bond the glass fragments together to reduce the chance that the thrown object will penetrate the glass and cause injury or further property damage.

4 – The Explosion

A gas leak in the shop a few doors down from yours causes an explosion. The force of the blast breaks your neighbors’ windows, and the glass panes actually unhinge from the frames and fly into their stores, damaging inventory and injuring employees and customers. Your windows, however, remain intact. They are bolstered by 3M Safety & Security Window Film and an Impact Protection Attachment System.

Window film is so strong that it can minimize the risk of glass-related injuries and damage to your business from bombs or accidental explosions. The strong adhesive and Impact Protection Attachment System that anchors the film to the window frames work together to prevent glass spraying inside your building if explosions occur nearby.

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By Published On: November 30, 2020

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