As summer comes to an end, we find that we may still experience some hotter days well into September. You may think that temperature control window film is only a concern during the heat of summer, helping to keep your house cool and refreshing from harsh sun rays. However, if you’re considering installing temperature control window film in your home, it will benefit you year-round. Not only will it help keep you cool in the summer, it will also help you stay warm in winter months. With summer coming to a close and the crisp fall air approaching, it’s still a perfect time to consider temperature control window film!

How Does Temperature Control Window Film Work?

The same film that helps keep the sun’s heat out in the summer also helps to retain the heat in your home during the winter. How does this work? 76% of the sunlight that hits double pane windows in the summer is converted to heat. So, in the summer, the window film reflects the heat back out into the atmosphere in order to maintain a cooler interior. While doing so, it still allows natural light to enter the home. In contrast, 30% of a home’s heating energy slips through windows in the winter. To stop this, in the winter the window film acts like insulation to trap heat within the home.

Benefits of Temperature Control Window Film

Save Money & Energy

Temperature control window film is an investment that will benefit you at any point in the year. Your HVAC unit will receive less wear and tear with assistance from window film, which in turn reduces your energy bills year-round. By insulating your home in the winter and cooling the interior in the summer, utility costs are better maintained. Not only does this save you money, but also reduces how hard your HVAC works to keep your home the perfect temperature year-round!

Protect Your Home from UV Damage

Harsh sunlight entering your home through windows is inevitable. Plus, we all love a little natural light! Over time, however, sunlight can cause damage to furnishings and flooring. Investing in window film will help to block out harmful UV rays that damage your interior furnishing. By reducing glare and harmful rays, it can help to decrease the damage that UV rays can cause.

Improved Home Comfort

Avoid feeling sweaty in the comfort of your own home on a hot, August day. Additionally, avoid teeth-chattering in the kitchen on a snowy January morning! All of the discomfort can be put to an end with the installation of temperature control window film. Maintain that cooler interior when necessary, and keep the warmth inside when needed — all with the same product. When homeowners invest in window film, they invest in home comfort.

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By Published On: August 29, 2019

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