Distraction markers are bands of frosted or patterned film used to enhance commercial buildings. You’ve probably seen these markers at eye level on glass partitions or glass walls without taking special notice. But rest assured, they’re there for a purpose, working subtly in the background. Here are the four main benefits they provide: safety, privacy, branding, and aesthetics.

Distraction Markers Promote Safety

While clear glass elevates buildings and makes them feel more modern, the transparency of glass poses safety hazards. If people aren’t paying close attention, they can suffer from injuries when they collide with glass. Simple distraction markers subtly call attention to the glass, so it’s easier to see. They can be in virtually any shape or design, from thin lines and stripes to intricate logos. What’s important is that these markers can reduce the risk of accidents or injuries involving glass surfaces on building exteriors and inside.

Glass & Privacy Can Coexist

Open floor plans are popular because they promote collaboration. However, they often leave employees feeling like they’re on display. Meeting rooms with glass walls, for instance, can make occupants feel like they’re in a fishbowl. Distraction markers provide targeted office privacy. Add them exactly where privacy is needed without affecting natural light as blinds and other privacy solutions often do. Applied in the middle of the glass at eye level, it provides privacy and prevents onlookers from seeing into the room. Yet, it doesn’t cover the bottom and top of the glass, so rooms still feel open and airy rather than dark and closed in.

Opportunities for Branding & Aesthetics

With a little help from decorative film, you can transform any glass surface into branding and advertising space. Promote sales, special offers, events, and more right on glass storefronts, windows, and doors. Convert passersby on the street into brand new customers and build brand recognition by sharing information about your business to build interest and intrigue.

Distraction markers also beautify boring glass surfaces with interesting colors, patterns, and textures. Create a beautiful design that looks like real, high-end etched glass at a fraction of the cost. Or, enhance a plain glass meeting room with a strip of geometric shapes or cutouts of your logo.

We’ll cut the decorative film into wide or thin bands or into lettering for custom messages. We can also die-cut it into custom designs that are 100% original. A car dealership, for example, might feature car cutouts on the floor-to-ceiling glass walls of their storefront. A company that makes coffee might display a pattern with coffee mugs on the glass partition in its reception area.

There’s even a dry-erase film. It’s perfect for adding writing surfaces in glass-walled meeting rooms without bulky and expensive whiteboards. It’s an affordable, inexpensive tool for promoting collaboration, teaching, recording notes, brainstorming, and more.

The options are virtually limited only by your imagination. Of course, we’d love to speak to you if you need more inspiration. We can help you take your ideas and turn them into a truly unique multi-purpose creation.

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By Published On: February 28, 2021

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